Two candle lived afar from each other. Both burning in their respective seasons and field.

A day came when the spectators of candle A started leaving for candle B.

Candle A kept shining but it got to a point where the progress of candle B distracted it and so, it’s flame started to die off gradually.

(This is where you give into comparison and instead of focusing on your path, you are worried about someone else’s path.)

When candle A looked over to the camp of candle B to see how it is showcasing it’s flame it saw that candle B kept on increasing while it’s flame decreases.

(This is where you start to devalue yourself and then give into envy what you already have.)

One day, it approached the other and asked what is the secret having being that they do the same work but it seems to be the one to outshine.

However, Candle B replied “I am just being a candle that helps people see through my light. I don’t bother if they appreciate me or not. I just want them to see. In essence, I mind my business.”

Surprised at what the candle said, candle A went back and did exactly what Candle B advised and since then, it’s influence has kept on increasing.

Are you worried about what’s happening in someone else’s camp? Though you may be doing the same work and it seems that you are not doing it better.

Well, at that point is when you need to consider going on with what you are doing your own way. With your vision and mission in check.

A candle that flames in the desert is the same candle that flames in the town: all made with almost the same substance and doing their various craft in places where they seem to have found themselves in.

Avoid the voice that says ‘look at him or her is progressing and you are not’. Perish that voice and do your part on the path you were sent on.


When it seems that what you are doing is not yielding results the way others aren’t yielding results, don’t worry. Cross check, Recheck and Reengage.

And mind you, the result others are getting must not be the same with yours or yours the same with theirs. You have a capacity that you are meant to work in and you can’t do more than that. If you do, you will break down.

This is not me placing limitations on you or you placing limitations on yourself. This is facts. There are something’s that others do that you will not be able to do. The day you do it, you breakdown. I’ve witnessed and experienced this.


This is why we learnt division of labour and specialization in economics. People can serve as your source of inspirations but you can’t be exactly like them because you don’t know what they really did to achieve what they achieved. What you saw or was being told is just an introduction to calculus.

(The introductory part of calculus will make you love that aspect of maths. But get into it my dear, you will have to barb your hair. Even as a lady.)

Please, share to as many as possible. Together, let’s destroy this act of lack of fulfilment and contentment towards what we do to make the world a better place. Thank you.

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