Paid my dues!

We’ve been through hell.Literary, through the devil’s court.I saw him, dining with his chiefs.I saw them playing orchestras.I saw them dancing. we saw them singing. But, what do I care. I move swiftly through his courts.No shiver. Not a single quake. we did not quiver. Because, I know, that He that dwells in the secret […]


I know of a Language that is very rare, I know of a Word that is Tranquil, Yet, Nations go to war because of it, they kill their brothers to obtain it. Their children aren’t out of this quest. They massacre the flesh of these fresh bodies, pull their parents to the streets and make […]


Oh, it comesSo fresh and tenderLike the morning breeze of hopeLike the tickling laughter of a new bornSaturating the hearts of those spell boundBy it’s cute and brightened face Here, it comesThe scent of a new dawnThe scent of a new beginningLike the sparkles of love withinLike the butterflies tickling the bellySo fresh and tenderMild […]


They say broken brush can not paint.They say shattered glass are useless. They say broken dreams cannot be amended. But, For how Long, Lord. For how Long will I continue to remain like this, be like this, live like this or should i die like this? Lord, where are you? A while ago I was […]


Has it ever happened to you?I doubt you will understand how it feels. I was happy when you came aroundAlas I can express my emotions and feelings easily without building a sky scraper of words to do that. It was wonderful, you know. To have the feeling of someone’s feelings through the web. It was […]

Happy Easter

He’s Risen! The Resurrection and the Life The only way to the Almighty Father The Fountain of Life The Bread of Life Jesus, The King, The Lord He’s risen! Hallelujah! Happy Easter! Thanks to @BrunovdKraan for making this photo available freely on @unsplash 🎁

3rd Day

On the third day, The stone was rolled away, Glittering light shone from within, As the king of kings comes out, With authority and might, For it is finished, as He said, The deal is sealed. Salvation now belongs to all men.


He’s risen, Hallelujah. The chains have been broken, shattered and melted into an armour. What was once lost is now found, embraced and cherished. Never to let go. The stains have been washed. The guilt is gone. No more pain. No more hatred for self. No more shame. All for His sake. Depression is gone. […]


People suffer, People die People cry, people sob Sorrow comes like a wind from one side with an unknown source Like a stray bullet seeking for blood Black nor white nor grey is no choice Just the home is important. People seek , nothing found People ask, curiosity awakens Like a child who had a […]

It is Time

Its time Time to get serious, Time to get matured, Time to accept that ‘Time’ itself is a Factor! Its time Time to embrace change, Time to embrace Responsibilities, Time to embrace that ‘Time’ itself is a Traveller! Its time, Time to seek, Time to Ask, Time to knock on the door because ‘Time’ itself […]