Before you give up on the victory so far – Read this

There is Hope. There is the future. We cannot stop because of what happened to us. A true warrior is known by his scars. This is our scar. This is our pain. But we shall bear it. And we shall prevail. We shall see gain coming with arms wide open to us. It will not […]

Happy April; we shall move on

The past is gone and behind us forever but memories will bring them back to accuse us of chances we missed, opportunities we cursed and privileges we took for granted. But,

Before you give up on your future – Read this

One can even determine when you ought to move and when not to move. Surprisingly enough they will predict your future; which is more crazier than crazy. I came to understand that no matter what you do people will have that short sentence they will have to say about it. Like, if you try to […]

Before you start Doubting – Read this

The truth about hustling is because you believe it will one day pay up. And because of that you understood the principles underlaying in every hustle board. With that, you explode with every possible mathematical concoction so that you could make up. This is so righteous to think of it as right and it would […]

One step at a time.

Reminiscing of what the Lord has done. Marvelous. Stupendous. Scintillating. and of Course, Precious. Have you thought of doing things you never imagined. Have you thought of going places you never imagined. Have you thought of taking up things you never imagined. Yes? Well, that’s because someone somewhere is looking out for you. He’s always […]

A message to the Downhearted

Someone, Somewhere, Needs This! Your Choice gives you a Leap! Years ago, I was this moody ugly boy. Those close to me can attest to that fact. Always serious. Bony face. and Hardly smile. To talk is an issue. Each time I look myself in the camera, I kind of despised the person I see. […]