Too many distractions will take you away from the path of priority you actually set for yourself. It has it, as it has been, that full concentration on a factor will yield more result than a verse of too many lines walking down a different lane. If you want to make a doctor out of […]


Oh, it comesSo fresh and tenderLike the morning breeze of hopeLike the tickling laughter of a new bornSaturating the hearts of those spell boundBy it’s cute and brightened face Here, it comesThe scent of a new dawnThe scent of a new beginningLike the sparkles of love withinLike the butterflies tickling the bellySo fresh and tenderMild […]


Some people kind of have this attitude of no regard for books. Most especially books that can impact their lives. It is not debated that ignorance lives with someone who appreciates it’s relevance. A scholar said rightly that to be ignorant is to be dead: locking yourself away from the rich life literacy and information […]