Lead well, beauty will flourish your bosom. Be sincere, thou you may stand alone, you will come out fine. Be honest, you will prosper. Be transparent, you will parent trust, Faithfulness and Support! Stay strong! Stand your ground! You will get there! Shalom!

Paid my dues!

We’ve been through hell.Literary, through the devil’s court.I saw him, dining with his chiefs.I saw them playing orchestras.I saw them dancing. we saw them singing. But, what do I care. I move swiftly through his courts.No shiver. Not a single quake. we did not quiver. Because, I know, that He that dwells in the secret […]


They say broken brush can not paint.They say shattered glass are useless. They say broken dreams cannot be amended. But, For how Long, Lord. For how Long will I continue to remain like this, be like this, live like this or should i die like this? Lord, where are you? A while ago I was […]