Stop being or doing bad to people you meet and engage on. Because of this, those people you hurt tend to develop this hatred towards helping other people. This action denies those who genuinely need that kind of help in the future. Stop causing others pain in various ways. Because those people that receives those […]


A certain man was owing his master some huge amount of money. His master, a business mogul, has a lot of properties and estates tagged to his name. He is wealthy. One day, while going through his credit records, he took notice of a man whom he did business with and for some years now […]

Why we need to associate with people in Life

I’ve seen a lot of people saying that they don’t need other people to survive. I for once have thought about that too. A time came in my life when I thought that I could do alone. I was frustrated. Literally speaking, I never achieved anything much. I’m not disputing the fact that we can […]

A Message to the Parents – Episode one

Dear Parents, Attention is what your children need not your gifts. If they had wanted the gifts they could have asked for it and if they ask,you will not be able to afford it in the market because it is within you. And the only way you can give them is by showing them the […]

Before you give up on your future – Read this

One can even determine when you ought to move and when not to move. Surprisingly enough they will predict your future; which is more crazier than crazy. I came to understand that no matter what you do people will have that short sentence they will have to say about it. Like, if you try to […]