Did you know that you can achieve that set goal for this year?

Did you know that you can surmount those challenges this year?

Did you know that you can achieve that financial success, academic success, political success, emotional success, physical and spiritual success?

Did you know that all these and many more of your desires could be possible this year?

Yes, you can!

The book of Philippians 4:13 says that “YOU & I can do ALL things through JESUS CHRIST who strengthens and encourages us.” (Emphasis mine)

This is a proof that you are going to realise whatever you put your mind to do. This includes your Goals for the year, and Visions.

It says ALL!

Are you failing? That’s okay. Go a little extra in doing right this time.

Are you backsliding? That’s okay. Go a little extra in trying to overcome.

Are you going through some challenges? That’s okay. Go a little extra in trying to resolve the issue. Also remember to pray it out.

Don’t conclude that because you are going through such that you are bound to be so for life. No! You can still come back strong. You can still come back wise. You can still come back better. You can still stand up alright.

Don’t settle for what you think is norm. Being a failure is not a norm. Facing challenges is not a norm. Backsliding is not a norm. It might be a norm to others but not to you.

You are a chosen race, of a royal priesthood and a blessed nation. You win all the time: Even when everything is going bizarre you still win. Even when the storm is so hard, you still WIN. You are a WINNER!


I just want to give you hope because in doing so, we will all rise. I find strength in encouraging you and if you get encouraged and motivated at the end of the day, do so in passing the blessing to others. Together we can come out stronger.

Your Dreams? So valid!

Your Goals? So achievable!

Your Vision? It has been authorised!

Believe in God and Believe in yourself! This Joyful year has something for everyone. Including you!

“Start with what you have. Along the way you will get the rich resources you need to achieve your dreams”.




This message goes to all who thinks that their effort will never be rewarded. To those who think that what they are doing is in vain. To those thinking that the good they do won’t come back to them.

If you are found in this category or one related to it, this message is for you.

You have not come this far to go back. You are almost there.

This thing am telling you is out of my little experience in life.

No matter what you do, keep your head up high; keep doing the good you are doing. Don’t relent. Just keep doing it.

I know how many times I have received thank you messages from people I had offered help long ago of which I had forgotten.

This help is not only material but non-material too.

Substances of value that have change people mindset and is still changing others.

I remembered a time someone asked me to help him look up for a job. Although, I did not look up the job, I showed him how to look up for the job himself. I gave him key things he should consider and people that he should meet of which he did.

Few months later, he sent me a message that he was grateful for what I did.

When I saw the message I was speechless for a while.

Now, that might not be so big to you, but it meant a lot to me. It’s a sign that I should keep doing what I was doing and also to increase it.

Keep up the good work for a day will come when you will realise how valuable you have been to people around you.

Sometimes it is hard. I know. I’ve been there.

You will want to give up on it but trust me, don’t give up on your capacity of being a value to people.

It must not be material. That’s even the least of all help you can render to someone. There are other substances you can offer to people that can be felt. One of them is an oriented value in line with what that person needs at that time.

Continue the good work. I plead!

You know, the truth is: doing good works is like having a land where you plant different seeds. It will take time to germinate, sprout, shred and develop. But when the time comes for it to bear fruit, you will enjoy the harvest.

What you sow is what you will reap.

Keep sowing good seeds of Love, Happiness, Joy, Strength, Courage, Faith, Hope, and more into peoples’ life. On ‘the’ good day, it will blossom and you will harvest in bounty.

Doing and being good may cost you everything but it won’t cost you the future. That’s the truth you strongly need to hold on. The future is bright for you.

It will amaze you that your goodness will reach up to your generations unborn. David in the book of Psalms says that he has never seen the children of the righteous beg for bread.


Because their father was merciful and lends out what he has for others to benefit.

Beloved, your grand great children will prosper if you keep up what you are doing. You have to be intentionally driven to do good. Don’t just do good because you want to make heaven. Who does that?

Do good because you know how important it is to you and how important it is to the world.

Do you know that peoples’ destiny depends on your effort as a person?

Well, it does.

I will conclude by saying that you don’t need to be rich to reach out to people neither do you need to be a literate to reach out to the illiterate. One of the things you need is to have a determined and decided heart to do that.

The man who helps just one person at a time had helped one nation at the same time.

Keep it up, please. Don’t relent!

Remain Blessed!

You are free to share. Thanks.

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They say broken brush can not paint.They say shattered glass are useless. They say broken dreams cannot be amended.


For how Long, Lord. For how Long will I continue to remain like this, be like this, live like this or should i die like this?

Lord, where are you?

A while ago I was born. Born of the Holy spirit and given to humans. And like a lamb who knows his days are numbered, I gave my all to you.

It wasn’t easy. I tried to be accepted wholly like a screw driven through a perfect bolt. I tried to be punctuated like the books I was given to read.

I failed. I failed to get their attention like the blue eyed white body peacock who saw some tourists. I failed to ride with their horses, seat at their banquet, or walk in their vineyard.

I was challenged. My faith was queried. My Hope was tortured. My belief was shaken. I was tempted and Lost.

I started to doubt my existence. Where is my Maker, he who sent me on this errand. Where is he who said he will be with me to the ends of the earth. Does he now slumber or sleeps. Is he not the protector of Isreal as I have heard.

I lost everything; my sense of humor. My taste for goodness. My love for Him waxed cold.

But, I never gave up Hope because I know that someday Grace will propose to me.

Years later into the Field, I was given leaders, men and women who understands that nothing goes for nothing and that to all reason there is a season. You know, like Rice and salad for Christmas, Beans and Bole for good days, Garri and Salt for some days. Fasting for weekdays and prayer for Each days.

They lead me well. Took care of me. Broke every pieces of Unjust and Unholiness. Took me to places, show me the efficacy of the Word and made me Know Him more.

And it came again. I was told am too local to be a Christian. A Christ like specie, subduer over evil. I was told I dressed uncivilized, unmodernized and not lively.

I was called A Fool. Stupid. Worthless. And good for nothing.

I cried my eyelids to darkness. My heartbeat gave me chest ache. I was beaten. So beaten that I can’t realise my face each time I come close to the mirror.

I told God. He said this. When the world calls you a fool, you are. When they say you are stupid, you are. When they say you are worthless, you are.

That you are Fool; Favoured Orchestrated by Optimism and A legal descendant of the most high.

That you are Stupid; A Soldier Talented Undisputed Peculiar Intelligent and Devoted.

That you are worthless; in the hands of the devil, yes, you are.

I never knew that my father was teaching me how to Live A Simple Life.

That Just the Way an Eagle can never be a Hen, or An Ostrich be a Duck that I should not conform to the standards of this world.

And just as they have their own dictionary, I should make use of mine because i am an AMBASSADOR of the most high, who came to show what the kingdom of God is Like, Here on Earth.

Because with God, Those broken brush still paint. Those shattered glasses gives out rainbow colours. Those broken dreams can still be amended.

Ask Joseph, Moses, Sarah, Esther, Gideon and I. You will see that ‘Nothing is too Impossible for God to do’

Don’t Forget what you are made of. You are an Ambassador of The Most High.

Always remember that.


Before you give up on the victory so far – Read this

There is Hope. There is the future. We cannot stop because of what happened to us. A true warrior is known by his scars. This is our scar. This is our pain. But we shall bear it. And we shall prevail. We shall see gain coming with arms wide open to us.

It will not be easy. As the day goes by, as the weeks follow duly and as the months run into years: it will not be easy to forget. But we can forgive ourselves of the cautions we failed. We can look forward to a better days: ‘Cause we know they will come by.

Let’s motivate ourselves. Let’s encourage ourselves. Let’s raise our hands once again and believe that it will be well with us: cause it will!

The best we could do now is to encourage one another. Send text. Make video calls. Stay connected. This virus might be deadly but there are viruses much deadlier than this.

Fear. Depression. Loneliness. Insecurity. These are viruses of the mind. And you will believe me that anything that affects the mind has a consequence on the body.

Let’s keep hope alive. As long as there is Life, salvation is around the corner.

Together we can. Let’s also remember our brothers and sisters in other nations where it hits most. Let’s put them in our prayers. God will surely save them, Amen!

We’ve been through this before. We can still do it again. There is the light at the end of the tunnel.

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Before you start Doubting – Read this

The truth about hustling is because you believe it will one day pay up. And because of that you understood the principles underlaying in every hustle board. With that, you explode with every possible mathematical concoction so that you could make up.

This is so righteous to think of it as right and it would be so evil to think of it the other way.

You cannot understand what you don’t believe. Be it anything. Anyone.

An instance for you to chew down.
Food. You eat food because you believe you cannot do without it. And because you believed, you understood that food, a right combination of it, will nourish you, keep you healthy and ready to climb the hill.

Water. You drink it, possibly and probably every day to keep your throat wet, system OK, and your heart working. At least, the circulation of blood depends on it.

Breathing. You do this everyday, because you understood that you will certainly not be reading this if you had stopped breathing yesterday.

Point crystal!

What ever you don’t believe in this world, you will never be able to understand it. Never! Not even an iota of it will make sense. Trust me, if you don’t believe that you are man or a woman, you will doubt you are a human being.

Now, Listen!

If you don’t believe in Jesus, you will never understand what point he made when He, willingly, staggered to his death with that heavy wooden cross, to be crucified.

If you don’t believe in Jesus, you won’t understand that the wonders He did can be called miracles that has led to testimonies which has every level of tendency to liberate you if you BELIEVE!

Now, what’s up with the act of believing. Its simple. Its just an act of acceptance…ACCEPTANCE.

Accepting what has been said and living under it, on it and anywhere with it because that’s the truth. The Truth.

The simple truth about accepting the truth is generalising all your mindset on the truth despite the hard rod that discipline will use on you. It is for your own good.

Hey, don’t doubt, stop doubting and doubt your doubt. You will see that all you need to understand in life is made cleared to you if you believe.

Be Brave. Be True. Be Congenial.

Make sure you Believe.
In Something.
In Someone.
That can Save you.

Be Wise.


Thanks to Fabio Neo Amato for making this photo available freely on @unsplash 🎁

Life is short

Life is short,
say a little lie,
do a little bad,
commit a little wrong,
eventually, you might make hell.

Who cares?
Actually, no one does
how will they?
when you cared less about your style,
should they be blamed?
what about your will? blame it for not being disciplined.

Life is short?
fake it. why not?
you can bake it, you will have a cake, it won’t be tasty? it will. it’s your wish, who cares? you care!

Life is short?
Don’t be stingy with love,
give it freely, didn’t you get yours free?
Don’t be angry with patience, the harvest maybe slow to come; the bounty cannot be avoided.

Life is short?
Yes, it is! Don’t have Love? meet the man whose crown was thorns. Whose glory was the cross. He is Love!

Life is short?
Don’t want to Love? You are not born of God. Those born of God overcometh the world.

Life is short? How about – eternity is Long?
The part you thread on now determines your destination.

Life is short?
But, there is a way that seems right to a man but the end thereof is death!

Life is short!
Take heed lest you fall. Query your faith and know if you are still running the race which God gave you; Grace – God’s Race.

Thanks to niklas_hamann for making this photo available freely on @unsplash 🎁