Mr John has been a very lonely man from the beginning of his life. Literally, he doesn’t get along with people because he doesn’t know how to begin and end conversations. He is an introvert. Life taught him a lot of lessons and one of them is being a drop out of school with the […]

Why we need to associate with people in Life

I’ve seen a lot of people saying that they don’t need other people to survive. I for once have thought about that too. A time came in my life when I thought that I could do alone. I was frustrated. Literally speaking, I never achieved anything much. I’m not disputing the fact that we can […]

Five opportunities that the Lockdown brought right to your door step

Life is not all about opportunities, it is an opportunity in it self. A privilege. This Lockdown has given us a lot of opportunities to get things right. To step back, examine and strike forward; targeted and precise. You can check out What you must do to enjoy the lockdown. Here is what lockdown has […]


You fall when you drift without a balance. You break when you fall on the tender. You die when you lose your life ; your blood. Your memories could fade. Yes, they will certainly fade. Racing through time to elude being known again. How many times have you thought that one day you could die […]

Ezindu Nwanyi; a poetry of a True Mother.

Beauty, Oh Beauty,From the bosom of Great Light,Came forth a magnificent ray,Shining through the hearts of men,Radiating a True essence of Love,Defined in the Living of a Saint. Wonderful, Oh Wonder,A Heart beyond Gold,Spirit of the Father,Daughter of the Most High,Highness of Goodness,Like the Shining Stream of Water falls,A Rainbow, An infinity of Wonderness. Beautiful,She […]

Life is short

Life is short,say a little lie,do a little bad,commit a little wrong,eventually, you might make hell. Who cares?None.Actually, no one doeshow will they?when you cared less about your style,should they be blamed?maybe,what about your will? blame it for not being disciplined. Life is short?fake it. why not?you can bake it, you will have a cake, […]

To The Strongest Sister; Purity

To The Strongest Sister You give me Hope,You inspire me, each time I see you, even in your pain, I’m motivated to keep pushing. In your pain, your beauty never faded. your heart never wearied. you kept on. you live on. your faith gets stronger by the day. your hope is something else. crazy if […]