When I was a teenager I lived in a community where dressing as a boy was termed ‘cool’ when you sag your nicker or when you wear a ‘pencilled’ trouser.

I came to believe that this is simply the best way to live life and that if I don’t participate on that dress code then I am not ready to mingle with the big boys. I would be called a pastor if I had dressed responsibly; my trouser up to my waist and my clothe neatly ironed.

It became obvious that I was tempted to dress accordingly like them so I could feel ‘belong’. It almost became part of me: I sag my clothe. Do you know what? I liked it. Dressing that way came with a feeling that I am on top of the world not knowing that I just got lower.

However, after short term of experiencing the ‘feeling fly’ feeling I became to query my decisions after my mother disciplined me on the cause of that dress code. Not that she disciplined me with cane or something of that sort but with words that gave me reasons to be a better teenager and become a better personality come future. You know mothers; those, who their words or eyes could reset you to your default.

I endured their words that almost shattered my thoughts to living a responsible life and took the words of my mother that changed me into a role model for others coming up.

Truth be told, there are certain things that the society has termed ‘cool’ when in every sense it is so ‘uncool’. The likes of dressing, respect, responsibility, and honour. It’s all wrong and not ‘cool’.

Dressing almost naked and rugged so you can impress the mass is wrong. Respecting someone because of what they have and not who they are is wrong. Recognising someone who is irresponsible to be responsible because of his wealth or influence is wrong. Honouring someone who doesn’t deserve to be honoured is wrong. These are not normal.

Let us “Normalizes the Normal” and forget the abnormal where it was. It has done more harm than good; broken dreams, changed mindsets and disconnected the future from the hands of the real owners.

This is amongst many options to be considered in restoring the dignity of human existence as a society. Let’s fix this issue before it gets to a point where we see the abnormal as the normal and then, the Normal as the abnormal.

Dear one,

Normalise the Normal!

Thank you for reading. Feel free to spread the word: your friend needs it. Cheers!



“It is hard! It is hard!”

When will you get tired of saying such to yourself?

“I can’t do it! I can’t do it!”

When will you get tired of saying that to yourself?

Don’t let your gift and talent waste over mediocrity.

Don’t let your doubt get into the way of what you could become if you try.

Start, believing that the little step you make, will accumulate to big wins that would give you breakthrough.



Boy One: I want to be an architect o but the process is long. I want something that I can do that will fetch me money immediately. Like in three days something.

Girl Two: I want to be a doctor but eh, e too long eh. I want to blow. I need cash Biko.

Girl One: Me too o, I just cannot come and kee me self o. I want something that will fetch me cool cash immediately. I can’t wait for that long to be psychologist. Bikonu eh.

Boy Three: To be sincere eh, I want to be a pastor eh or a priest but to be sincere, I just cannot come and be broke just like that. I’m being sincere o.

Boy Two: I want to be an entrepreneur eh, but I swear I no get Strength to start to de think de process o. Walahi, me no get that time. Na to find one song come sing like this blow shap shap eh.

The teacher, being an understanding and experienced individual, replied with a calm and beautiful words that left them in awe.

Teacher: You all have a good idea and I must commend you for your effort to at least think something. But, just hear me out.


Think about this.

Five opportunities that the Lockdown brought right to your door step

Life is not all about opportunities, it is an opportunity in it self. A privilege.

This Lockdown has given us a lot of opportunities to get things right. To step back, examine and strike forward; targeted and precise.

You can check out What you must do to enjoy the lockdown.

Here is what lockdown has given us.

Opportunity to Rekindle

A flame dying off is calling darkness to come along with its veil. But here we are with an opportunity to rekindle our passion for the things we had engaged ourselves in. To rekindle our love for what you are doing. To rekindle our flair for what we are keen to know or do. To rekindle our Love and passion for God.

Opportunity to Relaunch

A lot of times we’ve had ideas worth innovating. We’ve had goals worth achieving and plans worth working upon. But due to some reasons of our schedules, we haven’t been meeting up. Most especially the employees. But here is a chance to relaunch that idea and see how it goes. Just a little touch can settle the scores on your favour.

Opportunity to Reengage your formula

We all have formula to which we operate our board. I have mine; which am currently working on. Nobody’s formula is similar to anyone. Just the way you have individual differences that how your formula is. This is a time to reengage your formula. Your formula is a system of calculated approach towards achieving success in your endeavor.

Opportunity to stabilize

Stability is one of the aspects of our lives that helps us bring forth results. When you are stable, you understand how things are done much better. An unstable mind will always make a mistake. Imagine an unstable hand trying to pass a thread through the eye of a needle. How awful? Well, that’s what instability does to you. This is the time to stabilize your self.

One thing that affects a man’s stability is knowledge. Imagine going to an exam hall without the knowledge of what you are about facing.

Knowledge is power but the application of it is wisdom; that’s where the power is seen.

An opportunity to Love

A Love well expressed is found in giving and sharing what we have with those close and far away from us. Let’s make use of this opportunity to bring back that affectionate feeling that hate or job might have taken away from us. This is the time.

Thanks to @mlightbody for making this photo available freely on @unsplash 🎁

Are you bored by the Lockdown? Then you have to Read this now

I’ve been seeing updates here and there concerning different Lockdown results. They are all good. But I will like to suggest more of what you should do during this lockdown and I assure you that it will never bring regret nor pain to you in the future.

I’ve got five engaging principles that will make your lockdown one of a kind. Lockdown doesn’t mean that everything about you should be on lock down. It also means that some part of your life should be worked on.

Sometimes this lockdown sounds like ‘We’ve been very busy with life, why not try living the life’.

Instead of being and staying bored, go through this.


The lockdown has given us a chance of going back to our dashboard to view our settings. Think about running an outdated app. The app won’t have new features of the recently updated one. This lockdown, I believe, should make you update our plans. The opportunity is already here, you should grab it.


In school, mostly at the end of the term, a student’s knowledge is always examined by setting up a system that does such. Now is the time for such in your life. You should examine how effective and efficient you have been in your life for the past years and grade yourself towards becoming a better personality come next phase.


In a time like this, I think you should recheck your strategy. No productivity without a reviewed strategy. Think about getting it right this time, think about setting up a strategic approach this time around.


Of the busy time you’ve been having and all that, this is a time to invest in your self, in your capacity to do things you never thought of doing. In Whatever you do, now is the time to get a book related to that field and devour it. You can Google such books in line with your field of endeavour and study it. This will go a long way in changing your life.

What you should further invest in

Invest in your Family. Spend time with your children; know more about them, know what they have been going through, know how fair life has been with them. Use this time to dig more into their lives and see how things have been.

What about your wife? Talk more. Spend more time together. Know yourselves the better and patch up any hole that was left open.

Are you single? You are not left out. Get a book on self improvement. Study it. Improve yourself and get better at what you can do. Grow your expertise. Grow your connections. Explore more and gather more knowledge.

Connect with your extended family. Get in touch with them to know what’s up with them. Your neighbours shouldn’t be left behind too. Give to those you are better than. Spread love. Love and Cherish more.


I see responsibility as the ability to respond to situations in a matured way. Knowledge they say is power. But the real power comes from the application of it; that’s the wisdom.

Thanks to Andre Guerra for making this photo available freely on @unsplash 🎁