Mother: A cradle of Hope.

Mother is not just a name or wish or attainment but an acronym of strength, beauty, humility, love, entrepreneur,  and what entrepreneur stands for.

She is Mild, Orderly, Tolerant, Humble, Empathetic entrepreneur and Respectful.

She is an reinforcement of home; she is a classical homemaker that drive satisfaction from the comfort of her husband and children.

She is a teacher with a loving spirit; she is self moderated; she does not just add value to lives, she is value herself.

She doesn’t just beautify her home she creates beauty.
She is a touch of excellency to all she meets.
She is not just hardworking, she is diligence herself or per excellency.
She is an epitome of hope to her world.
She is an empathetic entrepreneur that has never lost a business deal.
She is not just supportive, she is a fabric of strength and the process of happiness.
She is not just the light bearer of a home she is an illuminant of a home.
She is not the breadwinner of a home she is the bread and bread maker of her home.

She is a SEED
Seed if mildness sown into her offspring and world.
Seed of orderliness sown into family and community.
Seed of tolerance sown into her husband and wayward offspring.
Seed of humility sown into her unborn grand children.
Seed of empathetic entrepreneur sown into the economy of her nation and world at large.
Seed of respect sown into daughters and unborn generation.

A mother is a citadel of encouragement and epitome of hope.

A Mother might not be creative but she is a seed of creativity.

Mother is full of ideas and never stranded.

Mother doesn’t just make sacrifice, they are seed of sacrifice.

Written by Raymond Elochukwu

Ezindu Nwanyi; a poetry of a True Mother.

Beauty, Oh Beauty,
From the bosom of Great Light,
Came forth a magnificent ray,
Shining through the hearts of men,
Radiating a True essence of Love,
Defined in the Living of a Saint.

Wonderful, Oh Wonder,
A Heart beyond Gold,
Spirit of the Father,
Daughter of the Most High,
Highness of Goodness,
Like the Shining Stream of Water falls,
A Rainbow, An infinity of Wonderness.

She is Built to Fill,
With Joy and Strength,
The Hearts of many,
A Life of Legacy, Worth and Prowess,
From the source of Life.

Mother, Oh Mother,
How Wonderful you are,
Awesome, the embodiment of Grace,
Covered in Love and Peace,
May Your Days on Earth be Beautiful and Wonderful.
Amen, Amen, and Amen!

Happy Mother’s Day Ezindu Nwanyi

I Love You!