Did you know that you can achieve that set goal for this year?

Did you know that you can surmount those challenges this year?

Did you know that you can achieve that financial success, academic success, political success, emotional success, physical and spiritual success?

Did you know that all these and many more of your desires could be possible this year?

Yes, you can!

The book of Philippians 4:13 says that “YOU & I can do ALL things through JESUS CHRIST who strengthens and encourages us.” (Emphasis mine)

This is a proof that you are going to realise whatever you put your mind to do. This includes your Goals for the year, and Visions.

It says ALL!

Are you failing? That’s okay. Go a little extra in doing right this time.

Are you backsliding? That’s okay. Go a little extra in trying to overcome.

Are you going through some challenges? That’s okay. Go a little extra in trying to resolve the issue. Also remember to pray it out.

Don’t conclude that because you are going through such that you are bound to be so for life. No! You can still come back strong. You can still come back wise. You can still come back better. You can still stand up alright.

Don’t settle for what you think is norm. Being a failure is not a norm. Facing challenges is not a norm. Backsliding is not a norm. It might be a norm to others but not to you.

You are a chosen race, of a royal priesthood and a blessed nation. You win all the time: Even when everything is going bizarre you still win. Even when the storm is so hard, you still WIN. You are a WINNER!


I just want to give you hope because in doing so, we will all rise. I find strength in encouraging you and if you get encouraged and motivated at the end of the day, do so in passing the blessing to others. Together we can come out stronger.

Your Dreams? So valid!

Your Goals? So achievable!

Your Vision? It has been authorised!

Believe in God and Believe in yourself! This Joyful year has something for everyone. Including you!

“Start with what you have. Along the way you will get the rich resources you need to achieve your dreams”.




I know of a Language that is very rare,

I know of a Word that is Tranquil,


Nations go to war because of it, they kill their brothers to obtain it.

Their children aren’t out of this quest. They massacre the flesh of these fresh bodies, pull their parents to the streets and make them pay for those untamed playing the chess game, using us as pawns…

Treaties are signed. Boundaries are merged. Covenants are made. But yet it all screams the blood of our sons and daughters born, yet to be born and though some may be unknown, yet they are our bloods shed on the streets to Freedom.

Drum beats are heard. Yet from afar my heart beat because of the bloods shed in search of this word, this language, this five letter word written on my five fingers soaked in the blood of these humans, a fleshy being like you… Even if, not for the sake of being humans seeking for freedom, at least it should be far from what we thought could earn us this word. This Language… Called Peace.

I Stand For Peace, no matter the odds, i shall speak this Language called Peace because my forefathers spoke the same language!