Mr John has been a very lonely man from the beginning of his life. Literally, he doesn’t get along with people because he doesn’t know how to begin and end conversations. He is an introvert.

Life taught him a lot of lessons and one of them is being a drop out of school with the reason being that his parents died in an accident while he was just four. His uncle who took him in was not that stable with his business having that he is a drunkard and womanizer.

Things began to fall apart when his aunty accused John of manhandling her children and also stealing from her because he stays with her in the shop. He ran away at age twelve to fend for himself since everyone saw him as one evil bad luck that happened to humanity. First, his parents and now his uncle’s wife, who will be next? Everyone feared.


In this land foreign to him, he decided to push barrow. At least that could help him keep body and soul together. He began and used it to push himself through highschool but wasn’t able to write the West African Examination (WAE) because he didn’t pay for the exam. He found it hard to talk and so he kept to himself for fear of being misunderstood and insulted. His life went from one bad luck to another and he decided to manage it that way since no body wanted him around.

On a good sunny day he helped a beautiful, tall and figurative lady to wheel barrow her things to the motor park. Unfortunately for him, the tyre was flattened by a sharp object and almost the luggage fell into a pothole of dirty water. The Lady was raged. She almost slapped him but he dodged and was pleading like his life depended on it. His life actually depended on it because she might be anybody who could arrest him – so he thought. He has been arrested on numerous occasions for things he knew nothing about. Because he was tired of pleading innocence for his life, he gave up on wanting people to know the truth. He would just relax and be in the cell until the police were tired of him. Hopefully, he wasn’t taken to a prison.

The lady forgave him and called on another barrow pusher to park the luggage. Mr john helped with it and still followed her begging not to be angry. He went ahead and paid for the job done by another to show how pained he was too. He had to wait also for the Lady to board the bus and it had to depart before he could leave there. He valued relationship though almost nobody wanted a relationship with him as a friend, talk more of another level of friendship.

The lady went home and reflected on the event and wondered what manner of personality Mr john was. She is a therapist, so she knows the feeling of someone who was being pushed about by life. She was human too.

The Lady, Neche by name, went back to that market looking for John because she could not concentrate on anything each time the thought came to her. Normally, these barrow pushers would retaliate at any given circumstances of rightful intimidation but this one, she felt , was different; and this made her more curious to know him and perhaps help him out in any possible way she could.


Neche, after weeks of searching, finally found him eating at a kiosk: bread and water – a meal for the day. She approached him and immediately, he jerked off the floor and started pleading again – he thought that she had come back for revenge of some sort. She comforted and relaxed him; took him out to a better restaurant where he had a sumptuous meal.

However, she tried all she could to get him into a conversation but he was too beaten by situations to let his guard down on that. He vowed not to talk to people except they talk to him first – this way, he could abort any mission of failed conversation before hand. This was how bad situations had shaped him.

Neche, a kind heart, hosted him everyday for two weeks trying all possible ways to make him break his silence. Being a therapist, she had encountered a lot of patients similar to his and understood the trauma all along. The third week was favourable as he was the one that began the conversation. Neche was happy. So happy that she hugged and kissed him. And immediately his countenance changed. It was as if cold water was poured down his spine. She acted on her emotions because as the weeks passed by together, they became fond of each other.

Weeks later, people began noticing dramatic change in John’s life. He became very bright. Happy. Full of life. Easily starting up conversations with people. People came closer to him for how jovial he had become and for how full of life he has achieved. The rest, they say, is history.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Neche saw him as a potential good and dream achieving man while others saw him as a bad luck to humanity.

Why is Perspective important?

I have always wondered and probably imagined if only, not withstanding facts underlying, we could see through others eyes.

It would be a wonderful pleasure to see what others are seeing.

Why I love the word perspective, is because it matters a lot and it varies on conception. It settles all issues and disputes.

Perspective is one of the tool that needs to be in application in our daily lives so that we could reduce at a high rate the level of decadence, criminology, and degradation of values.

One thing about seeing a red tie and call it red under a rainbow light, In the gathering of many, is to first get the conception that the other side – where another is seated down – is probably not under a light repellant of the image or a visual changer of the image in view.

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Perspective is the way of looking or thinking about something. Merriam Webster’s(Thesaurus)

To understand this fully, first get the picture of what the definition is insinuating. The definition says a way of looking or thinking about something. This implies that these actions involves a level of understanding.

The word understanding is the conception or conceivability of things which varies based on our individual differences and actual mode of thinking or reasoning.

No mind is an island of knowledge and thus, even the island is useless if their is no safe route to come over for work to be done.

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We all need to understand that no perspective is wrong and none is right, either. You may be wrong and I may be right. You may be right and I may be wrong. But the fact is ruling a junction without an allied agreement of deep concise and deliberation of ideas is worthless because it may result to something worst.

Two heads are better than one. Two or more letters makes up a word. Two or more words makes up a sentence.

We see what is clear and understand what is hidden when we align ourselves to co-operative thinking and association.

No man is an island of knowledge neither is any man the source of any tangible idea. Except revealed to him by God.

What we are sharing now as ideas has been in existence. We get to receive it when we reminisce on an already established idea. This is how books are born. This is how articles are published. This is how knowledge is spread.

I rest my case!

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