A Message to the Parents – Episode Three

Few weeks ago they had a festival: masquerades came out in their numbers and beautiful colours.

This week, on my way to a destination, I saw them: children. The oldest was 8 and the youngest was 4 or a year less, mimicking the masquerades on a ‘some kind’ lonely road.

One covered with a blue clothe designed with some sticks to make the crown’s veil long. This had a square like sticks arranged on the edge with some thread dropping from the square.

The other made a head tie and flipped it forward to look like a veil.

At sight, I cautioned them immediately and warned them to go back home and drop them.

It fell on deaf ears. But since words sometimes can’t discourage a child talk more of children, I kept quiet and looked away the second time I passed through the road despite their masquerading noise to get my attention.

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The third time I passed, they weren’t there. They had left to someplace close to where I was going to. Though they weren’t engaged in it. I hope they will never be engaged in such.

What made them left there was my lack of attention to their stupidity and acclaimed fun. If I had praised and hailed them for their nonentity, they would have gloried in it and their sense will automatically approve it as something worth dying for.

Children of about 1 – 15 on the average ‘Listens’ to actions. This is why you don’t need to explain ‘so much’ to them before they assimilate; sometimes you need to ACT for them assimilate. It sinks better.

Dear Parents,

Train your child in a way, through a path, so that when they grow up you won’t have to regret taking them along.

It is not easy, simple or simply easy. But, IT IS WORTH IT!

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It is Time

Its time

Time to get serious,

Time to get matured,

Time to accept that ‘Time’ itself is a Factor!

Its time

Time to embrace change,

Time to embrace Responsibilities,

Time to embrace that ‘Time’ itself is a Traveller!

Its time,

Time to seek,

Time to Ask,

Time to knock on the door because ‘Time’ itself is a Ghost!

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A Message to the Parents – Episode one

Dear Parents,

Attention is what your children need not your gifts. If they had wanted the gifts they could have asked for it and if they ask,you will not be able to afford it in the market because it is within you. And the only way you can give them is by showing them the attention. The gift is Love! That feeling and presence that resurrects the Man and Woman in them.

Spank them and discipline them but do not forget to offer them this free gift with which you will make them better parents like you in the future.

Remember this;

Business and church is come to stay. But your children won’t remain children forever. They will someday grow and become parents like you. And for them to be able to walk closer and in the way of the Lord, you need to start now by giving them the attention and proper Godly training and upbringing they need.

The future depends on this responsibility.

Thanks to @cybernal for making this photo available freely on @unsplash 🎁