Doubt is an enemy but you can use it to your advantage. This is Good news! This means you can doubt whatever you have been told to believe about yourself. Doubting can also be seen as questioning the system you have been made to believe about yourself; that you can not, that you can never, […]

Paid my dues!

We’ve been through hell.Literary, through the devil’s court.I saw him, dining with his chiefs.I saw them playing orchestras.I saw them dancing. we saw them singing. But, what do I care. I move swiftly through his courts.No shiver. Not a single quake. we did not quiver. Because, I know, that He that dwells in the secret […]

3rd Day

On the third day, The stone was rolled away, Glittering light shone from within, As the king of kings comes out, With authority and might, For it is finished, as He said, The deal is sealed. Salvation now belongs to all men.