Someone, Somewhere, Needs This!

Your Choice gives you a Leap!

Years ago, I was this moody ugly boy. Those close to me can attest to that fact.

Always serious. Bony face. and Hardly smile. To talk is an issue.

Each time I look myself in the camera, I kind of despised the person I see.

Was displeased with myself.

Each time I try to fit in, I get hurt. So bad that I almost isolated myself.

This continued until a day came I heard a voice. It was very clear.

(I will keep what I heard to myself, please.)

From that day onwards, I began to smile. I smiled at almost everything anyone said. I laughed so hard at the slightest joke.

Sometimes, I think, some people might wonder if I’ve gone crazy. Sometimes, too, people do wonder if I ever get angry or even cry or even weary.

I appreciated myself the more. I stayed within my limits. Did not bother about fitting in anymore. Got engaged in things that helped me grow; Matured. I connected with people. A lot of them.

That was when I discovered my taste for Writing.

I’ve got this book I bought just so I could write down my thoughts in it. I wrote a lot. I was crazy about writing. and am still crazy about it.

I made a decision. I made a choice.

You cannot make any decision except you heard something that will move your core being. Trust me.


You cannot stand by that decision or choice you made if you are not interested in it at first.

You can never amount what you don’t know the cost.

Hope this helped!

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