Reminiscing of what the Lord has done. Marvelous. Stupendous. Scintillating. and of Course, Precious.

Have you thought of doing things you never imagined. Have you thought of going places you never imagined. Have you thought of taking up things you never imagined.


Well, that’s because someone somewhere is looking out for you.

He’s always there to comfort you and always to bring you to the reality that you are as much important, more than, the birds and flowers that bloom.

You are never alone.

Don’t mind the ranting chants of people trying to dispute the fact that God does not exist. Always painting words to suit their mediocrity. Forgetting that the source to which they exist is beyond doubt and science. Even scientists attest to the fact that God Exists. That there is a cause and to this effect someone somewhere is behind it. This can Be GOD.

Continue to build your faith stronger. You will soon be better.

It is never how it’s done in the movies; in seconds, someone’s life has changed?

No! it takes time. it takes process. it takes steps. gradually, a snail that was in the bottom can get to the top.

One Step at a Time.

Trust The Process!

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