To The Strongest Sister

You give me Hope,
You inspire me, each time I see you, even in your pain, I’m motivated to keep pushing.

In your pain, your beauty never faded. your heart never wearied. you kept on. you live on. your faith gets stronger by the day. your hope is something else. crazy if I will say.

Your dance steps are unimaginable. who can dance like you.

Your words are still viable. sweet and sensitive. your eyes are radiants of what’s inside you; and that’s God. you show God, you are God, you are God’s own.

To the Strongest sister
Keep being you. keep being strong, faithful and hopeful. the pain will end, you said it, you told me, God told me, God told us too.

Affliction dares not repeat it self the second time. for your sake it will never come around.

you are my bibian, our purity, my chichetam, our God will remember us. I Love you, we love you.

you are the strongest of us all. you are my strongest. your life gives me hope. you are, our hope. and may God, your source, continue to be with you forever! Amen.

Tell God I said hi.

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