One can even determine when you ought to move and when not to move. Surprisingly enough they will predict your future; which is more crazier than crazy.

I came to understand that no matter what you do people will have that short sentence they will have to say about it.

Like, if you try to do something that they don’t understand, they will cuss up and down the sky looking for a way to take you along with their misery.

Sincerely, what you need to understand is this; the act of talking and discussion will never end. It won’t. Even if it wants to, it just can’t.

Funny enough, the dead, ghost alike, talk also. They do so, and Sometime, they gossip about, leaving what they are supposed to do. Which is Rest!.

But Hey, do you know that, Being ‘Talked’ about or discussed, is a natural Phenomenon that, i will say, makes you a ‘Somebody’, something ‘Worthy of discussion’ and should you heed to it,you will never get to where you are meant to go in Life.

However, being dictated, made a zombie, and literally configured on a course by certain individuals, is what those ‘certain individuals’ could do and you, keeping the tabs on, keeping it real and remaining focused, is what you could do.

You, need to break off; step aside, break out from their Prison of words and Run as fast as you can. That, will help you a lot.

Wait a minute, dear, re-read the previous paragraph. Again. Again… Again. Are you done? Alright, let’s continue.

Furthermore, feeling comfortable in this kind of situation, for me, is not a good idea. If you care to hear the words they have to say so that you won’t go contrary to their feelings; to avoid being seen as a contradictor, then forget about the future you are dreaming of. Here, i mean, a justifiable and trustworthy future. Don’t quote me wrong!

You cannot serve two masters at the same time – to listen to the past and future – you either follow the former or later. Whichever you take, the consequences are all yours to bear.

When an individual moves forward without looking back, he gets foresight and insight on how to overcome the stumbling block on his way. But when he looks back and still intend to go forward he is Confused;he or she doesn’t know what he wants and where he wants to go.

In this journey, looking back is only permitted if you wish to count your blessings and to name them one by one, so that you will realise that ‘you have come this far to go back’.

Stop listening to the negative words hovering in your area. You are way more and better than that. Trust me. I am, too.

Nobody is above mistake. You walked the wrong path, you made the mistake, you failed and you loosed is not the end of the world. There is still hope, a space,a road you can still walk on that will take you home. Hope on it, Faith in it, you are still alive.

Keep going, the future is better. Stop presuming that the things said to you is the end of your journey. You still have the world to change, a family to love, friends to spend time with, and places to go.

Success, that lovely thing everybody wants, don’t just fall off from the sky. It hangs up there waiting for someone that has the mind to come and get it. It won’t fall if you don’t take the risk. It won’t fear you, if you don’t grab the courage. It will be there looking at you the same way you’re looking at it except you act, except you make a move that will change your life for ever.

And mind you,you can not keep on listening to the negative words and still want to jump.You will just be wanting to commit suicide. A good time suicide.

The decision to stay happy and remain happy is in your hands. If your heart beats for the future I see no reason why your body should beat for the past.


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