The truth about hustling is because you believe it will one day pay up. And because of that you understood the principles underlaying in every hustle board. With that, you explode with every possible mathematical concoction so that you could make up.

This is so righteous to think of it as right and it would be so evil to think of it the other way.

You cannot understand what you don’t believe. Be it anything. Anyone.

An instance for you to chew down.
Food. You eat food because you believe you cannot do without it. And because you believed, you understood that food, a right combination of it, will nourish you, keep you healthy and ready to climb the hill.

Water. You drink it, possibly and probably every day to keep your throat wet, system OK, and your heart working. At least, the circulation of blood depends on it.

Breathing. You do this everyday, because you understood that you will certainly not be reading this if you had stopped breathing yesterday.

Point crystal!

What ever you don’t believe in this world, you will never be able to understand it. Never! Not even an iota of it will make sense. Trust me, if you don’t believe that you are man or a woman, you will doubt you are a human being.

Now, Listen!

If you don’t believe in Jesus, you will never understand what point he made when He, willingly, staggered to his death with that heavy wooden cross, to be crucified.

If you don’t believe in Jesus, you won’t understand that the wonders He did can be called miracles that has led to testimonies which has every level of tendency to liberate you if you BELIEVE!

Now, what’s up with the act of believing. Its simple. Its just an act of acceptance…ACCEPTANCE.

Accepting what has been said and living under it, on it and anywhere with it because that’s the truth. The Truth.

The simple truth about accepting the truth is generalising all your mindset on the truth despite the hard rod that discipline will use on you. It is for your own good.

Hey, don’t doubt, stop doubting and doubt your doubt. You will see that all you need to understand in life is made cleared to you if you believe.

Be Brave. Be True. Be Congenial.

Make sure you Believe.
In Something.
In Someone.
That can Save you.

Be Wise.


Thanks to Fabio Neo Amato for making this photo available freely on @unsplash 🎁

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