Beauty, Oh Beauty,
From the bosom of Great Light,
Came forth a magnificent ray,
Shining through the hearts of men,
Radiating a True essence of Love,
Defined in the Living of a Saint.

Wonderful, Oh Wonder,
A Heart beyond Gold,
Spirit of the Father,
Daughter of the Most High,
Highness of Goodness,
Like the Shining Stream of Water falls,
A Rainbow, An infinity of Wonderness.

She is Built to Fill,
With Joy and Strength,
The Hearts of many,
A Life of Legacy, Worth and Prowess,
From the source of Life.

Mother, Oh Mother,
How Wonderful you are,
Awesome, the embodiment of Grace,
Covered in Love and Peace,
May Your Days on Earth be Beautiful and Wonderful.
Amen, Amen, and Amen!

Happy Mother’s Day Ezindu Nwanyi

I Love You!


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