You fall when you drift without a balance.

You break when you fall on the tender.

You die when you lose your life ; your blood.

Your memories could fade. Yes, they will certainly fade. Racing through time to elude being known again.

How many times have you thought that one day you could die ; sleep off till eternity comes: not seeing the succeeding days: not seeing the life others do see.

When it comes to mind, it breaks the core of ego birthing humility and sobriety.

A life well Lived; beaten and risen, is the life that speaks louder than any theorem.

You see a bird? Call it in your language and have your self be fooled. You see a dog? Call it in your language and have your flesh to suffer.

You cannot meet a persons needs when you don’t speak what he understands. You cannot speak to the dumb and expect him to wave a hand.

One thing goes for another. All things speaks to it self; each to its kind. Heart to heart. Mind to mind. Soul to soul.

You learn a child’s cry about anything when you listen with your cry. Sometimes, he wails, he screams, he rolls, pointing at the object opposite what he needs. You never can tell except you cry, too.

A wife, a blessing to everyman, seeks the worst her husband could give, yet like the blossom of a flower she is stricken by his love, down to earth. Made a carpet, trodden, to be walked upon by the king.

A husband, a sweetened tasty food of a mother, like the curl of her hair, wanting the subjection of the wife; a gory feeling, and yet like the sun, he glitters at her feet; a dish well served feeds the ocean. A meal well eaten, feeds the worms.

A son or a daughter, a fountain of every drop, encompassing the mixture of the wife and the husband; bound to bore, and yet like the galaxies far away the trunk of the tree, like the colonies dug through the mother opening, will find hope in the distant pleasure of the lights found in the parents eye.

We all see, we all look; from the very breath of what we think. Like the moon we shade, like the sun we ray.

Someday, our darkness will be forgotten but our shadow will not be. It will still be seen under the eye of our memory, a latent of every patent we signed.

Truth be told, the eyes that see first looks below. And the eyes that see last looks beyond.

Life is Love; matched soul to soul, word to word. You love you kill. You love you live. You love you die.

Trust me, I know nothing of what I wrote. Judge my hands and not my heart! And just the way you are too perplexed to wonder, be too perplexed not to give up now that you are close to the finishing touch of your start.

But take it or live it, Life is Life no matter what you draw on your canvas, its still Life! Live it.

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