There is Hope. There is the future. We cannot stop because of what happened to us. A true warrior is known by his scars. This is our scar. This is our pain. But we shall bear it. And we shall prevail. We shall see gain coming with arms wide open to us.

It will not be easy. As the day goes by, as the weeks follow duly and as the months run into years: it will not be easy to forget. But we can forgive ourselves of the cautions we failed. We can look forward to a better days: ‘Cause we know they will come by.

Let’s motivate ourselves. Let’s encourage ourselves. Let’s raise our hands once again and believe that it will be well with us: cause it will!

The best we could do now is to encourage one another. Send text. Make video calls. Stay connected. This virus might be deadly but there are viruses much deadlier than this.

Fear. Depression. Loneliness. Insecurity. These are viruses of the mind. And you will believe me that anything that affects the mind has a consequence on the body.

Let’s keep hope alive. As long as there is Life, salvation is around the corner.

Together we can. Let’s also remember our brothers and sisters in other nations where it hits most. Let’s put them in our prayers. God will surely save them, Amen!

We’ve been through this before. We can still do it again. There is the light at the end of the tunnel.

Thanks to @_rxspawn for making this photo available freely on @unsplash 🎁

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