I’ve been seeing updates here and there concerning different Lockdown results. They are all good. But I will like to suggest more of what you should do during this lockdown and I assure you that it will never bring regret nor pain to you in the future.

I’ve got five engaging principles that will make your lockdown one of a kind. Lockdown doesn’t mean that everything about you should be on lock down. It also means that some part of your life should be worked on.

Sometimes this lockdown sounds like ‘We’ve been very busy with life, why not try living the life’.

Instead of being and staying bored, go through this.


The lockdown has given us a chance of going back to our dashboard to view our settings. Think about running an outdated app. The app won’t have new features of the recently updated one. This lockdown, I believe, should make you update our plans. The opportunity is already here, you should grab it.


In school, mostly at the end of the term, a student’s knowledge is always examined by setting up a system that does such. Now is the time for such in your life. You should examine how effective and efficient you have been in your life for the past years and grade yourself towards becoming a better personality come next phase.


In a time like this, I think you should recheck your strategy. No productivity without a reviewed strategy. Think about getting it right this time, think about setting up a strategic approach this time around.


Of the busy time you’ve been having and all that, this is a time to invest in your self, in your capacity to do things you never thought of doing. In Whatever you do, now is the time to get a book related to that field and devour it. You can Google such books in line with your field of endeavour and study it. This will go a long way in changing your life.

What you should further invest in

Invest in your Family. Spend time with your children; know more about them, know what they have been going through, know how fair life has been with them. Use this time to dig more into their lives and see how things have been.

What about your wife? Talk more. Spend more time together. Know yourselves the better and patch up any hole that was left open.

Are you single? You are not left out. Get a book on self improvement. Study it. Improve yourself and get better at what you can do. Grow your expertise. Grow your connections. Explore more and gather more knowledge.

Connect with your extended family. Get in touch with them to know what’s up with them. Your neighbours shouldn’t be left behind too. Give to those you are better than. Spread love. Love and Cherish more.


I see responsibility as the ability to respond to situations in a matured way. Knowledge they say is power. But the real power comes from the application of it; that’s the wisdom.

Thanks to Andre Guerra for making this photo available freely on @unsplash 🎁

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  1. I have really been riched by what l came across here.. thanks for the opportunity and update here.. keep on the good work Sir.

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