Life is not all about opportunities, it is an opportunity in it self. A privilege.

This Lockdown has given us a lot of opportunities to get things right. To step back, examine and strike forward; targeted and precise.

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Here is what lockdown has given us.

Opportunity to Rekindle

A flame dying off is calling darkness to come along with its veil. But here we are with an opportunity to rekindle our passion for the things we had engaged ourselves in. To rekindle our love for what you are doing. To rekindle our flair for what we are keen to know or do. To rekindle our Love and passion for God.

Opportunity to Relaunch

A lot of times we’ve had ideas worth innovating. We’ve had goals worth achieving and plans worth working upon. But due to some reasons of our schedules, we haven’t been meeting up. Most especially the employees. But here is a chance to relaunch that idea and see how it goes. Just a little touch can settle the scores on your favour.

Opportunity to Reengage your formula

We all have formula to which we operate our board. I have mine; which am currently working on. Nobody’s formula is similar to anyone. Just the way you have individual differences that how your formula is. This is a time to reengage your formula. Your formula is a system of calculated approach towards achieving success in your endeavor.

Opportunity to stabilize

Stability is one of the aspects of our lives that helps us bring forth results. When you are stable, you understand how things are done much better. An unstable mind will always make a mistake. Imagine an unstable hand trying to pass a thread through the eye of a needle. How awful? Well, that’s what instability does to you. This is the time to stabilize your self.

One thing that affects a man’s stability is knowledge. Imagine going to an exam hall without the knowledge of what you are about facing.

Knowledge is power but the application of it is wisdom; that’s where the power is seen.

An opportunity to Love

A Love well expressed is found in giving and sharing what we have with those close and far away from us. Let’s make use of this opportunity to bring back that affectionate feeling that hate or job might have taken away from us. This is the time.

Thanks to @mlightbody for making this photo available freely on @unsplash 🎁

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