I’ve seen a lot of people saying that they don’t need other people to survive.

I for once have thought about that too. A time came in my life when I thought that I could do alone. I was frustrated. Literally speaking, I never achieved anything much.

I’m not disputing the fact that we can do things alone. Yes, we can. But think about it. How many research have you done without consulting someone else’s journal or report. How many times have you been able to get things done without being inspired by something or someone.

I could go on and on giving you scenarios where you will depict the fact that you are never an island of knowledge. What you know is a combination of what others knew before you did.

It is, inarguably true, that an individual needs another to excel in any sphere or aspect of life.

Deep thought!

Family. A man needs a woman for recreation.

Schooling. A student needs a teacher for Knowledge.

Greatness. An individual needs a mentor and Idea sparking friends.

Success. An individual needs Tests and Examinations

Deep thought, again!

Name. You need your parents to have a brand; your name.

Death. Something will, kill you. Either Peace of mind or External factors.

Life. You need someone; parents, to give you Life to Live.

Why I need People, most especially the right People.

  1. To Live a fulfilled Life.
  2. To Maximize my Talent.
  3. To Deal with mediocrity.
  4. To Remain Positive.
  5. To Maximize my happiness.
  6. To Grow stronger.
  7. To Keep the Faith Stronger.
  8. To Help each Other.
  9. To spark out ideas.
  10. To Win.
  11. To Be Important.
  12. To make an Impact.
  13. To make a Change.
  14. To be True.
  15. To overcome and conquer.

We become what we become when we associate with People.

Deep thought!

An alphabet needs another alphabet to make a word; an important substance to every speech or language.

You need your parents at the first and second stage of Life.

You need guidance and wisdom, from Others.

You can not produce something without an inspiration from Others. The truth is our destiny is found from our connection to others, to God.

Everything, borne on earth, born on earth and invented on earth and beyond, needs a partner to get to its Destination.

Even the bird needs feathers to fly.

Success needs you to be called success. And you need success to be called a Success.


Thanks to Eddy Billard for making this photo available freely on @unsplash 🎁

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