How to make a Homemade Nose Mask

What is a Nose Mask

This is a material used to cover the mouth and nose to prevent dust or harmful substances from gaining access to the body.

Material(s) Required

  • Hankerchief
  • Rubber band

Here below is the process to achieve that;

  • Place your handkerchief or clothe on the table.
  • Fold the top and the bottom of the handkerchief a bit.
  • Fold the top upon the bottom to achieve a rectangular form.
  • Place two rubber band around the folded handkerchief.
  • Fold the sides of the handkerchief in toward the middle and tuck.
  • Place the rubber band around your ear.

For the sake of those who might not be comfortable making the Nose mask with rubber band, you can make use of shoe lace.

The shoe lace is sewn with the use of a needle and thread or you can make use of the sewing machine. Whichever works best for you. The same process is followed.

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