People suffer, People die

People cry, people sob

Sorrow comes like a wind from one side with an unknown source

Like a stray bullet seeking for blood

Black nor white nor grey is no choice

Just the home is important.

People seek , nothing found

People ask, curiosity awakens

Like a child who had a nightmare

Seeking for his mothers arms

In Darkened corners of walls

To feel secured , Rest assured of a soldier

A warrior whose weapon is nearby.

The old live , the young die

A leader is Lost, The world cry

No More Legacy, No more ecstasy

Cards on the table, players at edges

The Coach is watching, Time is racing

Like the slow fast tick tick echoes of stalactites waging war against the earth!

Forever Peace will reign In return of Sanity, hoping for that great Day, when all will listen, not to the lions roar, but to the cricket’s sound in the dark.

I Hope, I Pray , I Act. Not for the Day, but for the Time!

The manifestation abounds!

Thanks to @eliasmikkelsen for making this photo available freely on @unsplash 🎁

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