Has it ever happened to you?
I doubt you will understand how it feels.

I was happy when you came around
Alas I can express my emotions and feelings easily without building a sky scraper of words to do that.

It was wonderful, you know. To have the feeling of someone’s feelings through the web. It was terrific. Scintillating. It was great. I enjoyed it.

I enjoyed life vividly. I Cared less of what I would say if anything goes wrong. Why? I have you to explain my world to them. So, I was at peace knowing that you could convey my utmost desire to the one am charting with.

Till it happened.

At first, I never thought you would lie to me. I mean, I never lied to you. I never used you wrongly. So, why would they use you wrongly. Why would you conspire with them to deceive me. Why would you agree with them to make me feel the opposite of their intention.

I never believed them at first, you know. After what we’ve been through. The smiling face, the crying face, the happy face, the sad face, the oh my word! How could you?

You are now worthless. You conspire to lie. You pass across what they never meant. You say what they never want to say. You now allow them to use you wrongly when they are supposed to use you rightly.

When they are sad, they tell you to say happy. When they are crying, they tell you to say laughing. When they are dying inside, they tell you to say living the life. When they are not busy, they tell you to say tired.

All these is what you now do.

Can I blame you less? Maybe.

I think I should blame them. They aren’t faithful enough to keep it real. They use you wrongly and now, I can’t understand them anymore because they use you more than they use their heart.

I Love you emoji. I love the emotions you display. I love using you to express my real desires.


How am I sure you will not allow them tell me they are alive when they are dead!

You see, those smiling faces, those thumbs up are actually bittered hearts and thumbs down. If not, what will it take of them if they should build the sky scraper of words just to show you how they actually feel.

No! They won’t.

Why? They are keeping it real when actually they are living it fake.

You know, in this space we are all real and nobody’s fake. But how many of us would post a picture of us crying or sad as a profile picture.


And we still keeping it real?

Nah, that’s fake!

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