Some people kind of have this attitude of no regard for books. Most especially books that can impact their lives.

It is not debated that ignorance lives with someone who appreciates it’s relevance. A scholar said rightly that to be ignorant is to be dead: locking yourself away from the rich life literacy and information would give.

Literacy in this context is not how far you have gone in schooling but in education.

Information is the facts gathered about something: existent or not in existent.

Some definition of information includes the word knowledge.

Knowledge is the information you acquire or gain from experiences or education.

These words are interwoven with each other and won’t probably function outside the other.

However, the sources of information is book, journals, reports, articles and so forth.

From this, you will conceive that knowledge and information is found in books and if so, then the importance of books cannot be over emphasized.

A book is somewhat eternal that can earn you freedom from ignorance. This will help you earn a ‘Right’ against Ignorance and mediocrity. Books keep you distinguished from Everybody.


What you Read takes part in Forming you. It fills you. It assists in patterning our behaviours.

I’ve got a lot of books that have inspired me and hence caused a change in my life.

Books like;

Books are relevant: to keep you enriched with Words and Vocabularies, to help you speak eloquently, to help you think vastly, to expose you into adventures only you can relate to and understand plainly.

They also create a fiction world where you seat and communicate with the writer.

It keeps you connected with the mindset of positivity and stages you ready for the situations laying ahead in your life’s journey. This actually depends on the books you read.

“Reading a book is a way out of ignorance”.

Today, I charge you to get a book and read. You will go far and do more.


First of all, get the book that gives Life, the BIBLE: it reproofs, corrects and instructs.

Thanks to Laura Kapfer for making this photo available freely on @unsplash 🎁

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