What will you choose, between bread and knowledge?

A lot has been going on lately. People have been retaliating over the stay at home and be safe issue. To be frank with you, it is not easy staying home when there is no food in the kitchen. How will the family survive. That’s a trauma that God will surely save us from.

It is clearly stated in His word, that the children of the righteous will not be seen begging for bread. God’s word will not pass away without coming to fulfillment. Amen! That’s his word too. I believe, so do you.

At the beginning of this post a question was asked. (You can go back and read again to be sure what your answer will be. Have that in mind as you go through this post, perhaps your answer will change.)

The situation a man finds himself defines his actions. I guess you’ve heard this sentence before. I concur. You did, don’t deny.


There is this new one that you won’t probably hear people say much. ‘The situation a man finds himself defines his actions according to the knowledge he has’.

Knowledge there happens to be a big word. Let say ‘The situation a man finds himself defines his actions according to the information he bear’.

What do you think? Okay right?

Do you know that some people are making it in this situation.

Do you know that some people are never going to go hungry.

Do you know that some people are going hungry now.

This is a reality and no one will say he is better off the way he is because you never can tell what will befall next.

However, nobody has the right to castigate anybody for the situation they find themselves in. Rather, they should admonish, strengthen, encourage and take up the responsibility at hand. That will go a long way in resolving the situation in future.

Those that are currently making it now has something others don’t. What they have is actually the key that makes a way for them. A gift called knowledge.

A gift is a present willingly given to someone out of love. That’s the way I see it.


In this context, a gift called knowledge is something, substantial in nature, given to someone out of the abundance of love in expectation of a return that is, not necessarily, as deserved by the author of the words.

Knowledge is a gift that a lot of people don’t value and because it is not valued, people don’t access what it has to offer.

On the other hand, bread is a gift that takes away something for a while, which is hunger.

The bakery is a place where all kinds of baking are done; bread, cakes, and so on.

You see, knowledge gives you certain privileges about a certain thing. Someone that has the knowledge of how to bake bread is certain about how to bake bread. Someone that has the knowledge of how to make money through marketing is certain about it. Someone who has the knowledge of how to fix a laptop will not be certain about how to fix a fridge or television set except he acquires the knowledge (skill) through experience.

One of the key principles through knowledge is grabbed is through experiences, most times it is through reading.

Actually what sinks the knowledge into somebody’s memory is when the individual goes on practical concerning it. This will enable the individual to become an expert, not only theoretically but in practical. No wonder employers emphasize greatly on work experience. Yes you can drive, but in practical not theoretical.

Companies always trust people with experience more than people with theories.

Why? Because they believe that practice makes perfect. Though they believe that theories may inspire practicalities but in actual sense, experience inspires theoretical the more.

For instance, reports in engineering field are mostly based on practicality than theoretical. Reason being that practicals inspires the theoretical aspect the more.

In actual human sense when someone makes an approach to sell a health care product or market something else, the first question that pops up in your mind will be ‘is that real, have you tried it, is it working’.

Those are ways of satisfying your curiosity that what you are being convinced of is actually working. You might even go to the extent of getting a sample to experience its effect.

The influence that knowledge give can not over emphasized. Knowledge is power. Yes it is, but the application of the knowledge is what gives power.

Let’s say a scenario where you have the knowledge that reading is a way out of ignorance. Well, you know much about that.

Your approach towards it, that is – applying it thus – gives you the actual power over ignorance.

The application of knowledge is known as wisdom. That’s right.

One thing is knowing and the other is applying.

Application comes from understanding. So, a person who has a knowledge is powerless except (s)he understands it. It is the understanding that will inspire right application and hence implies wisdom.

Hope you got value?

Thanks to @Sarpxs for making this photo available freely on @unsplash 🎁

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