Delay can be defined as a situation in which something happens later than it should.

Denial can be defined as an unwillingness to grant something asked for.

Delay is sometimes caused by our refusal to deny what has the capability to cause delay.

However, delay comes in order to teach us how to endure. For in endurance we get God’s Approval, and in getting God’s approval we have Hope.

What causes delay in Life is not far from Composure, Attitude and Relationship.

In Composure, how you act before an opportunity. Do you judge without reasoning? Do you make a Move without deep contemplation? Do you react without reasoning? Do you solve without calculation?

In Attitude, how you behave before a fellow human being. Do you segregate or despise? Do you irritate or devalue? Do you connect or disconnect? Do you engage or disengage?

In Relationship, how you relate with your fellow human beings. Do you appreciate each others work? Do you help each other achieve their goals? Do you complement solutions? Do you commend efforts made?

Delay sometimes comes when we are not ready.

If a child asks his father who owns an estate asks for a flat at an age of 8, his father won’t be able to give him such a wish because his son is yet to understand the value of what he is asking for.

You can’t get ahold of something you barely know how to manage or Value. You will devalue and mismanage it instead.

Everything In Life is accorded to your capacity. Temptations and challenges are accorded to your level of understanding. You don’t get what will kill or useless you. You get what you will be able to solve and excel. This is why there is a class, a division and a family.

Delay is also caused by the act of giving up and Lack of persistency in approaching what you intend doing.

Delay can not be avoided but certainly, the part or path of denial can be avoided.

This can be achieved through;

Knowledge ; The information you get from experiences. Teaching or being Taught. Working or being worked for. Leading or being lead.

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Understanding ; To form an opinion or reach a conclusion through reasoning and Information. Knowing how something works. Knowing what is being said or saying what is being known.

Wisdom ; The Application of knowledge through right conception. Applying what is being known and experienced in a justifiable way.

Hope you got value?

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