I love weekends.

I see it as a part of the week that i get to examine, plan and relaunch myself for the next.

Once I begin to have a very busy and tiring week, I begin to long for weekends. And it got to be a specific weekend. Very specific.

You will believe me that not all weekends are alike. No, they are not.

Have you woken up to a weekend where you work yourself up from the beginning to the end. No time for leisure, creativity or fun. Just boring chores that will want to choke you if they literally have hands. That’s not funny, but it is. I tell you.

But, you know, weekends are great. It’s always beautiful especially when the weather is awesome.

By awesome, I mean mild, bright and sunny day. Weathers like these are top notch for me.

Imagine waking up to a sun filled day, bright bluish sky, and a little mild temperature. It sparks up beautiful and scintillating memories.

No doubt you had some of those experiences too. Ever woken up to feel like today is actually another day? Yes, I’ve experienced it.

Lately I had that experience. It was so nice that I had to remember the aroma of some delicacies. It was as if those aromas where there lurking in the cloud waiting for  me to experience it’s touch on my senses.

Think about a place where you need to be renewed?

Think of a place where you need to strengthen more?

Think of a place where you need rekindle the flames burning in you already?

Think of a place where your sanity expresses life?

Think of a place where your happiness will know no bounds?

Think of a place where you get rejuvenated?

Think of a place where heaven touches the sky?

Think of Church!

I mean it.

Those hymns that are sung by the choirs. Oh, how wonderful. Very apt. Touches the deepest part of my soul.

Sometimes I wonder if they are Angels. Come on, am serious. Whenever I here them sing, especially the voice of the children choir, I am lost in the heavens.

Then imagine if the priest or pastor is such a lively personality. You would want to sleep in there because everywhere will just be alive, healthy and on fire for God.

Thanks to bruce mars for making this photo available freely on @unsplash 🎁

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