It has not been an easy treat as the weeks pass by. People are deeply lamenting over the courses this wave is taking us through. No joke.

If you are not experiencing this shift then reach out to other people that are experiencing this storm. It has been one tide to another and believe me the help you will render now will never be forgotten.

Sometimes I put the definition of Love as giving.


Because that’s what we received when we were born.

Due to the lockdown saga a lot of experiences will be met. Some will increase and decrease you. But whichever one, how determined you are to pass each phase will guarantee excellent results for you.

I was just thinking when I got this idea of what people will experience after this lockdown saga.

To some it will be a testimony, but to some it will be a test.

Here are the experiences you will have after this Lockdown.

P.S: I categorically placed it so that you will know where your own hanger is.

Let’s begin with the Family.
This is what they will experience or discover after this Lockdown.


Research has it that a lot of marriages are on the verge of breaking and children loosing their parental values due to lack of communication, trust and intimacy.

Before this Lockdown, we’ve had a busy week. From one contract to another, trade to another and so forth. Due to this busy-ness, some might not have time to build a solid relationship with their wife, children and family as the case may be.

A ‘Thank God’ to God for a bit of come back  reasoning through this effect of Lockdown.

Because, at the end of this Lockdown, dead bones will rise again! Alleluia!

A man that does not have time for his wife and that sense of intimacy absent will certainly surface and be present.

Parents that does not have time for their children due to busy schedules will develop a strong bond with their children. This will go a long way in saving the future of those kids. Believe me, I know this.

I’ve seen a lot of videos popping up in social media where parents play with their children. I’m always happy seeing that. The joy, I experience, is wonderful. That ‘little’ game or play or prayer they make together with their parent is shaping the destiny of those kids. No doubt.

Business men and women.

Productivity they say is never upon a man or woman who does not realises his progress. Productivity in business, I will say, is proportional to progress.

Some Business men and women, Entrepreneurs too, have been experiencing a certain version of ‘sales lockdown’ or ‘productivity lockdown’ before this official Lockdown we are now experiencing. Perhaps it is due to a mishap or maybe a formula not well used or launched.

However, after this Lockdown, for those who will engage on themselves the more: studying their businesses, reading related books in that field, making reasonable efforts to expand their productivity and creativity, will come out to an increase in sales, profits and signing more deals.


Being a youth is one stage of life that is very critical. This is a phase where pleasurable adventures are palpable, tricky and attractive.

Perhaps you’ve been experiencing a ‘mental, psychological, emotional and spiritual Lockdown’ due to busy schedules or work.

Or perhaps you are experiencing such aforementioned as a result of peer pressure, social media pressure, societal pressure, community pressure and all the pressure you can think of. Funny, I guess.

After this official Lockdown, you will be able to escape all those things and come out a new you if only you make use of this time to engage yourself mentally, psychologically, emotionally and otherwise.

How much do I know myself?

What skills do I have?

What value can I add to my society, community and country?

Those and many more are questions you can answer during this period.

Hope you got value?

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