Nothing gives me joy like seeing a family that stays together. Especially when the parents are having a good time with their children.

Chai. That alone is wonderful. Very wonderful.

Just yesterday a friend uploaded a video of him having a good time with his boys. I was so happy.

About a month ago too, my classmate in the secondary days uploaded a video on his WhatsApp status of his Dad having a good time with his siblings over there in the abroad. I was so happy.

I love seeing family having a good time together. It gives me ripples of joy and happiness. And I must commend all family living together and peacefully and lovely. Especially parents bringing out time to spend quality time with their children.

Let me tell you something really.

What they are doing now may look like a waste of time to some people but trust me, that little time spent with them gives those children a level of confidence that no one else can take.

If you only know the pain of growing up without a father, you will care less of what the society is saying and spend quality time with your family. I mean, quality time!

There is something great about spending time with others. I tell you, there is. If you think that you can have a full degree of happiness alone, you are jokingly on your way to depression. Don’t be deceived with this idea of generating happiness alone and alone. Nah, that’s invalid.

Just wait and see if nobody views your status on WhatsApp or if nobody buys your products or if nobody listens to your message. Na there you go know what’s really up!

You can generate happiness alone oh. Yes, you can. But if you want it to make more of a degree of sense and validity, try generating it with your family. That’s where the oil well of happiness is.

I, generally, don’t like moody places oh. Tah, who wants to be in a place that lacks light of laughter or happiness for one slightest joke said.

I’ve come to the knowledge of generating happiness where my family is. It is really scintillating and elating. Sometimes, if I observe how moody the presence is, I will just give a shout. Trust me that alone can make you wonder and laugh.

Parents should endeavour to spend time with their family, please. It builds them mentally, psychologically, spiritually and otherwise.

Don’t be too serious when it comes to your family Biko. Joke a little. Don’t be too busy and don’t be too caring. Balance the equation.

I pity those family that their children don’t even witness warmth hug or laughter or jokes or time with their parents. Time will tell how disastrous it will be.

Family is and will always be the first ministry God instituted on Earth. Your first pulpit should be in your home. Your first sermon should be in your home. Your first everything should be in your home. Because that’s where the battle ground is.

If the devil wants to attack a Nation he starts from the family.


Because that’s where everyone is made who he is today. A child who grows to be a politician will walk in his father’s or mother’s tutelage. And let’s take for an instance that the parents were drunkards, fighters and badly inclined, don’t you think that the child will find a meaning out of that lifestyle?

God has blessed us with all that we have. Let’s not take it away from ourselves just because we are too busy to listen to them when they needed our attention instead of gifts.

Arise, oh you family! Arise.

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