I have always wondered and probably imagined if only, not withstanding facts underlying, we could see through others eyes.

It would be a wonderful pleasure to see what others are seeing.

Why I love the word perspective, is because it matters a lot and it varies on conception. It settles all issues and disputes.

Perspective is one of the tool that needs to be in application in our daily lives so that we could reduce at a high rate the level of decadence, criminology, and degradation of values.

One thing about seeing a red tie and call it red under a rainbow light, In the gathering of many, is to first get the conception that the other side – where another is seated down – is probably not under a light repellant of the image or a visual changer of the image in view.

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Perspective is the way of looking or thinking about something. Merriam Webster’s(Thesaurus)

To understand this fully, first get the picture of what the definition is insinuating. The definition says a way of looking or thinking about something. This implies that these actions involves a level of understanding.

The word understanding is the conception or conceivability of things which varies based on our individual differences and actual mode of thinking or reasoning.

No mind is an island of knowledge and thus, even the island is useless if their is no safe route to come over for work to be done.

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We all need to understand that no perspective is wrong and none is right, either. You may be wrong and I may be right. You may be right and I may be wrong. But the fact is ruling a junction without an allied agreement of deep concise and deliberation of ideas is worthless because it may result to something worst.

Two heads are better than one. Two or more letters makes up a word. Two or more words makes up a sentence.

We see what is clear and understand what is hidden when we align ourselves to co-operative thinking and association.

No man is an island of knowledge neither is any man the source of any tangible idea. Except revealed to him by God.

What we are sharing now as ideas has been in existence. We get to receive it when we reminisce on an already established idea. This is how books are born. This is how articles are published. This is how knowledge is spread.

I rest my case!

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