Growing in an environment that has a negative inclination has a tendency to influence your life.

If you allow it!

This is evident in my life and in the life of those who you celebrate as a success. Some of us came up from a bad environment but because of our families love, care and apt discipline, our ability to learn everything was formally and informally at home, church and school.

Some weren’t opportune to have same up bringing and training, yet, they emerged out of what seem to be the worst and still become successfully successful.

Depends on what your definition of success is. Mine is progress in entirety. No matter how slow, progress is success.


If you haven’t read my previous post where we established the fact that YOU ARE NOT A PRODUCT OF YOUR ENVIRONMENT. Do so.

Let’s Begin!


To whatever you willingly submit to, you will respect and cherish. If you are compelled to do so forcefully, you will eventually rebel someday. When you willingly submit to be educated by your environmental factors such as societal values and norms in every matters concerning you, then you will grow in such direction. Submission is one key note you shouldn’t joke with. It has the capability of taking you far of not.

Who are you submitting to?


Association is seen as the major reason behind the development of every human being. This is evident in the story of the eagle who lived with fowls and wondering what those creatures like it are doing up there. You know the end.

The Bible admonishes that Bad company corrupts good manners and vice versa. This is very possible if you decide to stay in that toxic association.

Who are you associating with?


The Book that gives insight and deep revelations of wisdom admonishes that we should guard our heart for out of it comes the issues of Life. That a man becomes unclean as a result of what comes out of him.

But, how is that possible you may ask.

Well, the answer is clear. What you see and what you listen to.

How come you suddenly want to be great and valuable? That’s because you’ve seen great heights and listened to great men speak. How come you want to become an influential personality? Think about it!

What are you looking at, what & who are you listening to and what are you thinking about?


When the purpose of an invention is not championed, the intention is abused. This is evident in how we make use of people to get what we want. Which is bad. You don’t use people, you collaborate and associate with people to get what will change your world.

You have a purpose. You came for a reason. The reason is seen in full evidence of what you engage on that gives you joy, that drives you, that plays an evident role in your satisfaction which in turn gives your generation a leverage, a shoulder, to stand on.

What is your Purpose?


Personal development is cruised on this ship. You are never what you disbelief or don’t believe in. You believe in whom you submit to. You believe in whom you associate with. You believe what you see, listen and would think. You become purposeful when you believe in something.

Belief system helps pattern your life. Your lifestyle and everything that has to do with your act of living is patterned to your belief system. Guard it!

What is your belief system all about?


The act and skill of focusing is a school on it’s own. It demands consistency, perseverance, honesty and carefulness. It’s a responsibility that you can’t escape if you are keen on achieving great heights.

Your inability to focus on what you desire and need will not favour you. Imagine playing a game of dart without focusing on the red target or shooting an arrow without focusing on the red target. Your answer is as good as mine.

How effective is your act and skill of Focusing?

Make out time to invest in your self. Strive to develop yourself. God’s Grace is sufficient!

Thanks to @benwhitestuff for making this photo available freely on @unsplash 🎁

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