The first thing that came to your mind might be that am referring to a certain gender. Well, am actually referring to all gender.

Do not marry a liability, rather marry an Asset.

The definition of asset, contextually to what I want to emphasize on, is someone that add values: Spiritually and Physically.

You have been told a lie that marrying an asset means marrying someone that is established, working and has something doing. If you’ve heard of something similar then you are a bit wrong. It is not balanced.

Look at this scenario for proper understanding:

Example One;

Let’s say you married an asset according to the context you’ve been made to believe; that is, established and so on. What happens then if the product of the established or the established gets lost along the way: properties and what he or she does is all gone.

Your answer is as good as mine.

You have nothing to fall back to. You will then notice and see that what made the individual an asset is gone and before long, you will notice how liable they are.


Example Two;

Let’s say you married an ‘asset’ whose value is spiritually and physically sound. As the journey goes on, something happens to the physical aspect, you will see that one will be able to help the other get back to his or her feet.

Smith wigglesworth, of blessed memory, is another example of this discussion. I read that his wife was the one that played a major role in his restoration and engagement to full time ministry. I read that at times when his wife will be out there winning souls for Christ, he is about his business of plumbing. It got to a point that he became furious with her for keeping late into the night for the sake of the ministry and had pushed her away through the back door. She came back through the front door (Smith forgot to close the front door), and they laughed so hard that what, this modern day, would have turned to a brawl turned into joy and realisation of truth.

Imagine if she wasn’t a Spiritual and Physical asset altogether, the name Smith wigglesworth would not be known.


From their story I understood that God sends someone into our life to be of help to us in all wise path.

Some marriages are breaking today and will continue to divide if intending & already couples don’t accept this truth.

Being an asset as a husband to your wife or your wife to your husband doesn’t necessarily mean that you are to have the whole world to yourself. There are some things that when it happens, the whole world will leave you and guess what: the only person that will be by your side will be your wife or your husband.

Make a wise decision today.

Your thoughts are welcome.

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