If you are on the verge of breaking down because you don’t have engagements from the value you are giving to your world, this is for you.

It is very hard to be consistent in making people’s life better through what you take out time to think, research and deliver. This happens most especially when you don’t have engagements from people who you are giving it to. No sign of appreciation, at least, for your efforts.

Do not worry! Do this one thing that I will state and one day you will be glad you never stopped.


Yes, it will be hard but continue anyway.

If you have been getting it wrong, try getting right.

Keep improving. Keep adding taste to peoples’ life. Keep being the light. Keep being the salt.

Don’t loose your saltiness because you are not appreciated or congratulated.

Look again, you may be planting on the rocky ground. If that be the case, look for a fertile soil. Don’t stop.

The rocky ground, the thorny bushes and the good soil are all your audience. One day, those that fell on the good soil will blossom.


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  1. The writer summarizes a whole course concisely with well thought precision…how a person can do this easily is a wonder of the world…

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