Few weeks ago they had a festival: masquerades came out in their numbers and beautiful colours.

This week, on my way to a destination, I saw them: children. The oldest was 8 and the youngest was 4 or a year less, mimicking the masquerades on a ‘some kind’ lonely road.

One covered with a blue clothe designed with some sticks to make the crown’s veil long. This had a square like sticks arranged on the edge with some thread dropping from the square.

The other made a head tie and flipped it forward to look like a veil.

At sight, I cautioned them immediately and warned them to go back home and drop them.

It fell on deaf ears. But since words sometimes can’t discourage a child talk more of children, I kept quiet and looked away the second time I passed through the road despite their masquerading noise to get my attention.

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The third time I passed, they weren’t there. They had left to someplace close to where I was going to. Though they weren’t engaged in it. I hope they will never be engaged in such.

What made them left there was my lack of attention to their stupidity and acclaimed fun. If I had praised and hailed them for their nonentity, they would have gloried in it and their sense will automatically approve it as something worth dying for.

Children of about 1 – 15 on the average ‘Listens’ to actions. This is why you don’t need to explain ‘so much’ to them before they assimilate; sometimes you need to ACT for them assimilate. It sinks better.

Dear Parents,

Train your child in a way, through a path, so that when they grow up you won’t have to regret taking them along.

It is not easy, simple or simply easy. But, IT IS WORTH IT!

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