A certain man was owing his master some huge amount of money.

His master, a business mogul, has a lot of properties and estates tagged to his name. He is wealthy.

One day, while going through his credit records, he took notice of a man whom he did business with and for some years now hasn’t paid the remaining balance. Immediately, he dialed the Man’s number to call him to order.

He is influential and to that cause, the man zoomed off in response to the call.

Meanwhile, this man who is in debt is having a hard time. His business is taking a nose dive and he’s almost frustrated with the bills piling up by day.

On getting to the house of the master, he fell on the floor begging, narrated his current ordeal and pleaded for more time to pay up.

“Sir, in the name of the Lord, I beg you. I know I’ve wronged you in this way, please find it in your heart to grant me a chance to pay later. I am currently facing a hard time in my life; how I wish this is a dream, maybe the worst nightmare I could come off immediately. My wife is pregnant, my son’s school fee I have not paide, my mother is ill, my business is dying; I am dying. Sir, please, give me some time, I promise to pay you back with an interest.”

He said this crying with his face on the floor, ashamed of looking at his master.

The master was enveloped with compassion and mercy that he almost shed tears. He has been through this kind of storm and knew exactly what it means to pass through at such a time. He resolved to cancel the debt and he informed the man.

“I’m sincerely sorry for all you are going through. Be strong and you will see yourself come out stronger. I forgive you the debt. Henceforth you are a free man.”

He was so happy. It was as if a burden weighing a tonne was lifted off his shoulder.

On his way home, he met someone who has been owing him quite a few sum of money. About 1/10 of the debt he was recently freed from.

He approached the debtor and began to harass him for owing for so long. That he cannot be owing him for so long while he suffers.

“…pay me now or be arrested…” he said to him.

Immediately, he fell on his knees begging for some time. That he’s also going through a storm.

Well, all his pleading fell on deaf ears. He got him arrested and was jailed.

However, the news circulated the town and the master who forgave him of his dept heard it and was raged. He called him to order and asked why he could do such even after forgiving him such a huge dept.

“I thought you are a better man. That you would go ahead and teach others what I thought you by my simple act. How much is he owing you that you could not forgive him of. Is it that more than the one I forgave you off…”

Before he could reply, the man made a sign to his servants to have him put where he will suffer the pain of lack of forgiveness.

There, the pangs of lack of forgiveness clinched to his soul and in regret, he counted his sorrows.



“…Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us…”

If you don’t forgive, you will not be forgiven.

Compassion is an act you need to grow in. Without it, you can not feel what others are going through.

This story was inspired from the parable our Lord Jesus told concerning the unforgiving servant. (Mathew 18:23-34)


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