Start with what you have. Along the way, you will get the right resources you need to achieve your dream.

This is meant for someone. The person finding it hard to start with what he or she has because it is not enough.

What I want to tell you was how I ‘officially’ started making money at my teen years.

The first person that officially introduced me to the business world was my Sweet Mother. 

Staying with her opened my eye to a part of the world where accountability was very important.

In the location where the shop was is an opportunity to make money as a teenager which I grabbed immediately it came through.

I thought about what to sell and then an idea came through.


That was where the story began…

I had saved up some cash from the monetary tips I was gifted and having discussed the issue with my Mom, I started off with selling five litres.

You remember that adage that says ‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with a step…’

Though I was a bit shy when I started out but my Mom helped me in the broadcast to every customer that came by. That was how I started getting orders and sales. I Love you Mom!


The five litres of fuel increased to 10 litres, 20 litres, 30 litres, 40 litres,120 – 150 litres of fuel per week.

The need for Sealed Engine oils came in and gradually, I began to sell that too.

I made ‘Clean Cool Cash’ (C³) money from that business I kicked off with just five litres of fuel.

Similarly, I started selling Airtime, Data, TV cable subscriptions and Electricity Bill payments in school. Now, I am a Network Marketer in the Telecommunications Industry and more to come by God’s Grace. All Glory to God!


Dear Friend,

Start with what you have. Along the way, you will get the right resources you need to achieve your dream.

The universe is waiting for you to start before it will relate with you.

I started out with what I have and the resources came through. My Family was the first that saw me thrive and they pushed me with full force; Emotionally, Physically and Spiritually!

Learn from my experience. The future awaits your greatness.


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