Doubt is an enemy but you can use it to your advantage.

This is Good news!

This means you can doubt whatever you have been told to believe about yourself.

Doubting can also be seen as questioning the system you have been made to believe about yourself; that you can not, that you can never, that you will remain this way, that you will never succeed, that you can never become better without them.

You CAN doubt and question these sayings and become a better version of yourself.

Nobody should make you think bad about yourself when God wants you to become a better person in all you do.

God, when He was done with creating man, said it was GOOD. If He said it then, He says it now and everyday to you because He sent His Son, JESUS, to die for your sake. His Love is ever great upon you; He Loves YOU passionately! Never forget that!

Doubt your Doubt!

Doubt that lie that has become a truth over the years. Doubt it! Question it!

You will become better. It is a process. Trust it.


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