A boy had a dream and in that dream he saw himself a king over those close to him, including his parents. Out of excitement he told his family about that dream and also relatives. He was so happy of what he saw in his dream; how glorious he would become and how influential he would be.

His family, after they had heard him, criticized him of such saying that it can’t be; that what he was saying was just an illusion of what he had been thinking about. That he over ate the night before and for that cause, he had dreams of such. That he had listened to so many stories about kings and kingdoms, probably from their dad because their dad travelled a lot.

He was down casted and weary. The people he thought to have faith in and in turn have faith in him had made jest of him, mocked him and said he was crazy. Even his close friends deserted him: saying that he’s going crazy and would not want people to see that they are friends with a crazy fellow like him.

However, his joy was not cut off. Though they might not be seeing what he’s seeing and though they might not be listening to what is playing in his background, he never stopped half way. The dreams kept coming and in different dimensions. This made him too sure of what is to happen in the future.

Few weeks later, he went after his brothers who were taking care of their fathers flock. On getting to where they were, they seized him and an opportunity came for them to sell him off instead of killing him. Of which they did for an amount.

Deep down he was thinking ‘Is this the price I have to pay for this dream Lord?’ ‘What have I done wrong, Lord, to deserve this: I’ve been obedient to your word. Is this how I’ll be repaid?’ ‘God, are you somewhere looking at this being done to me?’

Just when he wanted to give up, he heard deep down in his spirit, some place where no man can temper, that ‘He is better than this and that Nothing can separate him from the Love of God: Not even his brothers act, words or mindset towards him. Not even his friends words or acts or mindset towards him can separate him from the Love of God’.

With this assurance he continued even when he was accused of raping his master’s wife. He was imprisoned, beaten and mocked beyond what he thought this could be. But he trusted the process of becoming what God has laid into his heart that he will become.

Days ran into years and then it happened. Everything he saw and was assured by the spirit began to fall into place. He’s a hardworking and smart fellow, so he is sensitive of the seasons and times. He knew when the time has come for him to become what he was destined to be.

Years later a great famine struck the earth and as it has been, God always showed him what’s to come because he was in constant fellowship with Him. He showed him what he needed to know to sustain those he governs over and also those who would come to him for aid.

He became a go-to man when it comes to solutions because he had passed through so many experiences that had trained him and inspired him to live right. Also, God’s Favour and Light was upon him.

Furthermore, his brothers came a certain time to his country unknowing to them that they will be caught up with fate. He recognized and even in pain showed kindness to them. They did not know and so thought to be guilty of nothing.

A day came when he unveiled himself to them and they were honestly guilty of what they had done. But, the boy who is now a man, married and governs a country never counted it as wrong because they played to the tone of God’s plan.


When you have a dream be ready to go through the process that leads to the Glory of that dream. It will be painful. Rugged. Galloped. Teary. Keep at it you will see the light soon.

A lot of us thinks that someone just emerged a winner but the truth is; a seed takes time to germinate and afterwards grow and then bear fruit. A seed can never and will never turn into a fruit in a single day.

Joseph is a hardworking and a smart man. His ability of working to perfection earned him respects even in prison. Don’t relent because you have a dream: work towards it and don’t be idle. It will come to pass one way or the other.

Hardworking is a child to RESPONSIBILITY. Responsibility is your ability to respond to situations around you.

Always listen to your inner voice. It keeps you sane in an insane world. It reassures and reaffirms the promises of God and would strengthen you each time you are weak. Shut the door against the negative voices about you.

The HOLY SPIRIT still leads people today and I am humbled to be part of them. You too is also part of those who are lead, if you will yield.


When you are going through tough times, remain your consistent relationship with God. Those tough times were meant to distract you from remaining in the presence of God.

Distractions are every where and your ability to remain consistent will birth results.

Be sensitive. The tough and roughly times are distractions that are meant to keep you away from recognising what’s in store for you in God’s Kingdom.

Will conclude with the words of St Paul to the Philippians in verse fourteen of chapter three; I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.



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