A boy once went to a native doctor, popular called a ‘babalawo’, to make him to become rich. He explained the reason why he wants to become rich and one of the reasons is because life has dealt him real good.

The babalawo understood him clearly and swung into action. He mixed a concoction for him to use during his bath as soap and also during his meal; that it would bring money to him thereby making him rich.

The boy was excited that finally his dreams of becoming rich would come true. He collected the charm taking heed of what the babalawo said that would be the penalty for breaking the covenant he made; he would be mad.

Few weeks down the line, nothing was showing fort but he kept on performing the ritual hoping the magic will work out just as he expected. As weeks sluggishly went on to months nothing showed forth and with anger boiling in his blossom he went to confront the babalawo.

When he got there and explained what had happened, the babalawo laughed uncontrollably.

“Ah, agbami oh, baba, all you did was to laugh!!!” He said furiously “I am telling you that what you gave me did not work out as expected and you are here laughing!!! What the…”

“Dare say that word and you would speak no more. Idiot!” the babalawo said “are you okay? You think to become rich is just a day something? Don’t you know that you have to work to show yourself approved ni? Oleburuku oloshi”

He laughed again and continued “You are a mumu man! You don’t have anything doing and you want to become rich. Just like that! Nothing to show forth! Just to sit at home and expect my demons to bring money to you! Will you pay them for the transport fare? Waka there!”

“You would have told me that I should get something doing nà! And which one is transport fare for demons ya?” The boy asked.

“Is that not what you expect? You roam around the neighborhood doing nothing from morning to night” He replied “You don’t even think of what to do to help your life and you think that riches would come like that? You are truly lazy oh, even devil self go work before him go see something chop ahbi you wan claim senior devil ni? Lazy youth! Get out of here before I feed you to those demons you have made angry! Idiot! Onye guuf!”

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