When I was a teenager I lived in a community where dressing as a boy was termed ‘cool’ when you sag your nicker or when you wear a ‘pencilled’ trouser.

I came to believe that this is simply the best way to live life and that if I don’t participate on that dress code then I am not ready to mingle with the big boys. I would be called a pastor if I had dressed responsibly; my trouser up to my waist and my clothe neatly ironed.

It became obvious that I was tempted to dress accordingly like them so I could feel ‘belong’. It almost became part of me: I sag my clothe. Do you know what? I liked it. Dressing that way came with a feeling that I am on top of the world not knowing that I just got lower.

However, after short term of experiencing the ‘feeling fly’ feeling I became to query my decisions after my mother disciplined me on the cause of that dress code. Not that she disciplined me with cane or something of that sort but with words that gave me reasons to be a better teenager and become a better personality come future. You know mothers; those, who their words or eyes could reset you to your default.

I endured their words that almost shattered my thoughts to living a responsible life and took the words of my mother that changed me into a role model for others coming up.

Truth be told, there are certain things that the society has termed ‘cool’ when in every sense it is so ‘uncool’. The likes of dressing, respect, responsibility, and honour. It’s all wrong and not ‘cool’.

Dressing almost naked and rugged so you can impress the mass is wrong. Respecting someone because of what they have and not who they are is wrong. Recognising someone who is irresponsible to be responsible because of his wealth or influence is wrong. Honouring someone who doesn’t deserve to be honoured is wrong. These are not normal.

Let us “Normalizes the Normal” and forget the abnormal where it was. It has done more harm than good; broken dreams, changed mindsets and disconnected the future from the hands of the real owners.

This is amongst many options to be considered in restoring the dignity of human existence as a society. Let’s fix this issue before it gets to a point where we see the abnormal as the normal and then, the Normal as the abnormal.

Dear one,

Normalise the Normal!

Thank you for reading. Feel free to spread the word: your friend needs it. Cheers!


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