This is the official website of Isaiah Jude Elochukwu.

A young man whose flair for writing has gotten him deep into the ocean of inspirations and motivations bleeding through the walls of creativity.

He’s also an Engineer – in the making – a prolific writer, storyteller, web & graphic designer researcher, optimist, influencer, motivational and inspirational speaker, spoken word artist.

I was born and brought up in Adamawa, yola. So, I know much about the language Hausa and the people that speaks it. They are a lovely set of people.

Once lived in Lagos. Presently in Imo, owerri studying Mechanical Engineering in one of the best Polytechnic in Nigeria, Federal Polytechnic Nekede, Owerri. Popularly known as ‘Neked wire’.

An indigenous son of Ozubulu in Ekwusigo Local Government Area of Anambra state.

Here is a brief story. Enjoy!

Location: Adamawa, yola. Time: 2:30pm

Mom is pregnant. Life is going on as it had been. A lot has been achieved, a lot has been overcome, a lot has been foretold, and a lot had been anticipated.

8 months gone and the quarter of the ninth had been through which means it is just few days away from the resounding word; Push!!! will be echoed at my mom by Doctors and nurses.

Before the day, she had gone to her antenatal checkup at the hospital the doctor had told her that the due date is at hand. That few days from then, she will bore a child.

She came back and informed the house of what the doctor had said and in respect of that, they made preparations on how it will go down.

My father drew strategic plans and allocated each work to everybody’s capacity so that everything will go down fine.

Plans were made and everything to God’s grace was kept ready.

Location: Heaven

GOD; Behold, he will go in soon. Get everyone ready.

ANGEL; Alright , Holy One.

Location: Adamawa, Yola

At about 2:30-2:50 pm on Sunday she felt a kick different from the one she had been receiving from me each time I feel like letting someone know am around, somewhere in the dark room. It’s a beautiful something,you know, and I came to love it because it draws attention to me. Each time it seemed I was forgotten, or joke at, I would give a kick. it was fun though. A sweet something.

I gave another kick. This time, a bit harder. Its nine months already and I need to breath. Please! Somebody, Help!

“He is coming” she muffled. She stood up from the cushion where she was kniting, reached for the door and gave the coded alarm.

My father jerked off the bed immediately he heard the cry of labor, rushed to the parlor and found my siblings about to take her outside to get a taxi.

MOM; wow!! I think he wants to be a foot baller.

DAD; Who??

MOM; The baby, he has been kicking since….

DAD; hahahaha. you are funny.

MOM; Yes, i know…Oh! God. Driver hurry na. fly na. why you come dey drive like snail na. wetin happen. Ogini ne’eme.

DAD; Calm down honey, he is trying his best to get us there. Or do you want us to crash ni.

MOM; no o. but he should drive like a driver would, this is an eeeemmmmeeeerrrrgggeeennncccyyyyy! Oh GOD!! Driver ooooo

DAD; calm down hon…

MOM; nooo!!!! You calm downnnn!!!!

And so on this day, the sixth day when GOD created man, I was born into the most loving family I ever had and will ever have in time. They are the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Soft and tender I was. Warm and shiny did I look. My cry sounded like the warrior beaten to victory. I was strong, pushy and eager to slap back the doctor that made me cry.

They all thought I was stillborn when I came out with a silent mood like the monks do when coming out of the monastery until I felt the land of a hot headed lady’s hand that made me cry like the baby I was. (I guess people has a way of spoiling better show.)

She cut the umbilical cord, slapped my buttocks again and gave me to the nurse to clean me and clothe me. (if I could get back in time, I would have slapped back. Her hand was painful, biko.)

The celebration continued for days. We had a lot of visitors’ that day. The clergy o, towns people o, compound people o, market people o, church people o, friends o, friends of friends o, good people o, better people o, and all kinds of people I can think of. They all came with their gifts; some came with cash and others do well in what they could simply give a new born child.

Location: Heaven

There was shouts of joy and rhythms in heaven as the angels, creatures and heavenly beings danced to the glory of God made manifest on earth. It was a indeed a day to Save.

God was pleased with what he created and he called it good.

In Joy He uttered

“factum est.”

The Angel replied

“Etiam sancta est.”

And. There. was. Thunder!!

And this, is my Birthday Story. A fiction, please.

Thank you, for reading. I appreciate.