The word ‘Can’ is defined as “being able to do something physically or mentally.” This means that you are permitted to do something that you would want to do now or perhaps in the future.

Human being was designed to be able to do things easily. This configuration was on set from the time a child is born. The evidence is in the way a kid tries out new things willingly during playtime without hesitation and with practice, gets use to it so that it gets to a point where the kid can engage in that recreation with ease.

Our brain is wired to be able to change and accommodate to changes easily. Though it may take days, months or sometimes years to accommodate, it will be able to do anything. But not on its own: we have a part to play generally in the process; controlling our brain and not the other way round.

When God created man, He gave him authority over the earth: all what the earth has to offer. This shows that man, human, has a permission to do anything.

God created us in a way that nothing on this earth possess a threat to our ability. Nothing! Take for an instance a boy with no hand sewing clothes with his legs: a man with no right arm packing sand with his other hand: a man with no ears able to hear sounds with the aid of a device. This is just a little compared to a lot going on in the world of the possibility of man being able to do all things.

When I mean by Man can do all things, the statement may sound incomplete. Rather, I say, Man can do all things he puts his mind to do. Anything!

St Paul in his letter to the Philippians puts it this way: I (we) can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (us). Philippians 4:13

Do you want to be a world renowned Doctor, Therapist, Psychologist, Accountant, Innovator, Change Agent, Entrepreneur, Inventor and all good you dream?

If your answer is YES! Then, you CAN! You have the ABILITY already; so you CAN.

A wise man, Solomon, in his Proverbs says that “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he”. Proverbs 23:7

This statement carefully examined would see a degree of responsibility on the part of anyone who desires to do something – anything. The responsibility on it’s part is to prove that nothing goes to anyone without full acknowledgment of desires that may be.

Do you think? Then, what you think should be of a positive and not negative. Else you won’t be able – You can NOT – to do anything.

However, if you think that you can be a revolutionist, a change agent, a Nation builder and so good of your dream, then you CAN.

The saying of the wise man further supports that the reward for what you think in your heart is your becoming of that which you have thought.



Two candle lived afar from each other. Both burning in their respective seasons and field.

A day came when the spectators of candle A started leaving for candle B.

Candle A kept shining but it got to a point where the progress of candle B distracted it and so, it’s flame started to die off gradually.

(This is where you give into comparison and instead of focusing on your path, you are worried about someone else’s path.)

When candle A looked over to the camp of candle B to see how it is showcasing it’s flame it saw that candle B kept on increasing while it’s flame decreases.

(This is where you start to devalue yourself and then give into envy what you already have.)

One day, it approached the other and asked what is the secret having being that they do the same work but it seems to be the one to outshine.

However, Candle B replied “I am just being a candle that helps people see through my light. I don’t bother if they appreciate me or not. I just want them to see. In essence, I mind my business.”

Surprised at what the candle said, candle A went back and did exactly what Candle B advised and since then, it’s influence has kept on increasing.

Are you worried about what’s happening in someone else’s camp? Though you may be doing the same work and it seems that you are not doing it better.

Well, at that point is when you need to consider going on with what you are doing your own way. With your vision and mission in check.

A candle that flames in the desert is the same candle that flames in the town: all made with almost the same substance and doing their various craft in places where they seem to have found themselves in.

Avoid the voice that says ‘look at him or her is progressing and you are not’. Perish that voice and do your part on the path you were sent on.


When it seems that what you are doing is not yielding results the way others aren’t yielding results, don’t worry. Cross check, Recheck and Reengage.

And mind you, the result others are getting must not be the same with yours or yours the same with theirs. You have a capacity that you are meant to work in and you can’t do more than that. If you do, you will break down.

This is not me placing limitations on you or you placing limitations on yourself. This is facts. There are something’s that others do that you will not be able to do. The day you do it, you breakdown. I’ve witnessed and experienced this.


This is why we learnt division of labour and specialization in economics. People can serve as your source of inspirations but you can’t be exactly like them because you don’t know what they really did to achieve what they achieved. What you saw or was being told is just an introduction to calculus.

(The introductory part of calculus will make you love that aspect of maths. But get into it my dear, you will have to barb your hair. Even as a lady.)

Please, share to as many as possible. Together, let’s destroy this act of lack of fulfilment and contentment towards what we do to make the world a better place. Thank you.


A certain man was owing his master some huge amount of money.

His master, a business mogul, has a lot of properties and estates tagged to his name. He is wealthy.

One day, while going through his credit records, he took notice of a man whom he did business with and for some years now hasn’t paid the remaining balance. Immediately, he dialed the Man’s number to call him to order.

He is influential and to that cause, the man zoomed off in response to the call.

Meanwhile, this man who is in debt is having a hard time. His business is taking a nose dive and he’s almost frustrated with the bills piling up by day.

On getting to the house of the master, he fell on the floor begging, narrated his current ordeal and pleaded for more time to pay up.

“Sir, in the name of the Lord, I beg you. I know I’ve wronged you in this way, please find it in your heart to grant me a chance to pay later. I am currently facing a hard time in my life; how I wish this is a dream, maybe the worst nightmare I could come off immediately. My wife is pregnant, my son’s school fee I have not paide, my mother is ill, my business is dying; I am dying. Sir, please, give me some time, I promise to pay you back with an interest.”

He said this crying with his face on the floor, ashamed of looking at his master.

The master was enveloped with compassion and mercy that he almost shed tears. He has been through this kind of storm and knew exactly what it means to pass through at such a time. He resolved to cancel the debt and he informed the man.

“I’m sincerely sorry for all you are going through. Be strong and you will see yourself come out stronger. I forgive you the debt. Henceforth you are a free man.”

He was so happy. It was as if a burden weighing a tonne was lifted off his shoulder.

On his way home, he met someone who has been owing him quite a few sum of money. About 1/10 of the debt he was recently freed from.

He approached the debtor and began to harass him for owing for so long. That he cannot be owing him for so long while he suffers.

“…pay me now or be arrested…” he said to him.

Immediately, he fell on his knees begging for some time. That he’s also going through a storm.

Well, all his pleading fell on deaf ears. He got him arrested and was jailed.

However, the news circulated the town and the master who forgave him of his dept heard it and was raged. He called him to order and asked why he could do such even after forgiving him such a huge dept.

“I thought you are a better man. That you would go ahead and teach others what I thought you by my simple act. How much is he owing you that you could not forgive him of. Is it that more than the one I forgave you off…”

Before he could reply, the man made a sign to his servants to have him put where he will suffer the pain of lack of forgiveness.

There, the pangs of lack of forgiveness clinched to his soul and in regret, he counted his sorrows.



“…Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us…”

If you don’t forgive, you will not be forgiven.

Compassion is an act you need to grow in. Without it, you can not feel what others are going through.

This story was inspired from the parable our Lord Jesus told concerning the unforgiving servant. (Mathew 18:23-34)



Boy One: I want to be an architect o but the process is long. I want something that I can do that will fetch me money immediately. Like in three days something.

Girl Two: I want to be a doctor but eh, e too long eh. I want to blow. I need cash Biko.

Girl One: Me too o, I just cannot come and kee me self o. I want something that will fetch me cool cash immediately. I can’t wait for that long to be psychologist. Bikonu eh.

Boy Three: To be sincere eh, I want to be a pastor eh or a priest but to be sincere, I just cannot come and be broke just like that. I’m being sincere o.

Boy Two: I want to be an entrepreneur eh, but I swear I no get Strength to start to de think de process o. Walahi, me no get that time. Na to find one song come sing like this blow shap shap eh.

The teacher, being an understanding and experienced individual, replied with a calm and beautiful words that left them in awe.

Teacher: You all have a good idea and I must commend you for your effort to at least think something. But, just hear me out.


Think about this.


The story of Isaac’s twin is a call to order to all who will want to trade their right, of any sort, with pleasure of any sort, using their mouths, by their words.

Esau loved hunting. Jacob preferred staying indoors. Esau came back hungry, met Jacob preparing a soup and beckoned on Jacob to do so, ‘make I chop small before I kpeme.’

Jacob understands his brother Esau. A man that doesn’t care about his right. Of any sort, remember?

He has studied him and written him off as someone whose weakness is his concern for what he has. Jacob studies people for a living.

Jacob gave Esau the template of the deal: make an exchange: take my right, give me yours.

Esau, thought, what is ‘Right’ (Destined Future) if I die because of ‘Hunger’ (Waiting for the right time).

Jacob, in his mind, ‘Nothing to you, means a lot to me.’

Esau, willingly, made the exchange and everything that belongs to him, present and the future, became Jacobs. Everything that answers and will answer to Esau had a new leadership, Jacob’s empire. The Cosmos recognised a new leader. Their course changed to Jacob’s.

Esau, ‘Na food I chop, na mouth I use, na talk I talk – e no mean anything. Las Las, I go dey alright.’

Blessing day was approaching, but, he gave in to the tricks played by the season. Be sensitive.



Isaac called his son Esau to go and get him something special that he may eat, bless him, ’cause he may die soon.

Esau, got ready, zoomed to the country of free food, the forest.

Mother Rebecca, eavesdropping Queen, master of event swung into action.

‘Jacob, look at what I heard. This and that will this and that and this and that will this and that.’ Mother Rebecca said.

Jacob, knows his mother. She can’t give him false details. He studies people for a living, remember?

Rebecca, thought, an opportunity comes. Maybe once. ‘If I perish, I perish.’ She was in charge of the decorations for the set event. She even made the attire to be used.

Don’t blame them. The exchange has been made already. The blessing answers to anyone who receives the Key. Esau gave his consent, remember? His WORDS sent the birds on an errand, remember?

Isaac, felt something was wrong, yet he didn’t find out. How could he. Everything was answering to the trade, remember?

He blessed him. Deal? Signed, Sealed and Sent: ‘go prepare the future, the king is come.’

He received the blessing, the key, the consciousness of WORDS permeated his being.


Thoughts like that came upon him, they made their abode in him. Why? He has come of the full knowledge that he is Blessed. He has the RIGHT!


Be careful of what you say when you are in desperate need of something. Your words are powerful. Your tongue is deadly.

Be careful of what you say concerning your self. Your words are keys to everything on Earth. You create with your words, you destroy with your words.

GOD created the world with the WORD of his Mouth.

Always say positive things about your self. Even though everything seems to be wrong, keep saying the right things. The Spirits respect your words.


You are free to share!


If you are on the verge of breaking down because you don’t have engagements from the value you are giving to your world, this is for you.

It is very hard to be consistent in making people’s life better through what you take out time to think, research and deliver. This happens most especially when you don’t have engagements from people who you are giving it to. No sign of appreciation, at least, for your efforts.

Do not worry! Do this one thing that I will state and one day you will be glad you never stopped.


Yes, it will be hard but continue anyway.

If you have been getting it wrong, try getting right.

Keep improving. Keep adding taste to peoples’ life. Keep being the light. Keep being the salt.

Don’t loose your saltiness because you are not appreciated or congratulated.

Look again, you may be planting on the rocky ground. If that be the case, look for a fertile soil. Don’t stop.

The rocky ground, the thorny bushes and the good soil are all your audience. One day, those that fell on the good soil will blossom.


You are free to share! Someone close to you needs


The first thing that came to your mind might be that am referring to a certain gender. Well, am actually referring to all gender.

Do not marry a liability, rather marry an Asset.

The definition of asset, contextually to what I want to emphasize on, is someone that add values: Spiritually and Physically.

You have been told a lie that marrying an asset means marrying someone that is established, working and has something doing. If you’ve heard of something similar then you are a bit wrong. It is not balanced.

Look at this scenario for proper understanding:

Example One;

Let’s say you married an asset according to the context you’ve been made to believe; that is, established and so on. What happens then if the product of the established or the established gets lost along the way: properties and what he or she does is all gone.

Your answer is as good as mine.

You have nothing to fall back to. You will then notice and see that what made the individual an asset is gone and before long, you will notice how liable they are.


Example Two;

Let’s say you married an ‘asset’ whose value is spiritually and physically sound. As the journey goes on, something happens to the physical aspect, you will see that one will be able to help the other get back to his or her feet.

Smith wigglesworth, of blessed memory, is another example of this discussion. I read that his wife was the one that played a major role in his restoration and engagement to full time ministry. I read that at times when his wife will be out there winning souls for Christ, he is about his business of plumbing. It got to a point that he became furious with her for keeping late into the night for the sake of the ministry and had pushed her away through the back door. She came back through the front door (Smith forgot to close the front door), and they laughed so hard that what, this modern day, would have turned to a brawl turned into joy and realisation of truth.

Imagine if she wasn’t a Spiritual and Physical asset altogether, the name Smith wigglesworth would not be known.


From their story I understood that God sends someone into our life to be of help to us in all wise path.

Some marriages are breaking today and will continue to divide if intending & already couples don’t accept this truth.

Being an asset as a husband to your wife or your wife to your husband doesn’t necessarily mean that you are to have the whole world to yourself. There are some things that when it happens, the whole world will leave you and guess what: the only person that will be by your side will be your wife or your husband.

Make a wise decision today.

Your thoughts are welcome.


This message goes to all who thinks that their effort will never be rewarded. To those who think that what they are doing is in vain. To those thinking that the good they do won’t come back to them.

If you are found in this category or one related to it, this message is for you.

You have not come this far to go back. You are almost there.

This thing am telling you is out of my little experience in life.

No matter what you do, keep your head up high; keep doing the good you are doing. Don’t relent. Just keep doing it.

I know how many times I have received thank you messages from people I had offered help long ago of which I had forgotten.

This help is not only material but non-material too.

Substances of value that have change people mindset and is still changing others.

I remembered a time someone asked me to help him look up for a job. Although, I did not look up the job, I showed him how to look up for the job himself. I gave him key things he should consider and people that he should meet of which he did.

Few months later, he sent me a message that he was grateful for what I did.

When I saw the message I was speechless for a while.

Now, that might not be so big to you, but it meant a lot to me. It’s a sign that I should keep doing what I was doing and also to increase it.

Keep up the good work for a day will come when you will realise how valuable you have been to people around you.

Sometimes it is hard. I know. I’ve been there.

You will want to give up on it but trust me, don’t give up on your capacity of being a value to people.

It must not be material. That’s even the least of all help you can render to someone. There are other substances you can offer to people that can be felt. One of them is an oriented value in line with what that person needs at that time.

Continue the good work. I plead!

You know, the truth is: doing good works is like having a land where you plant different seeds. It will take time to germinate, sprout, shred and develop. But when the time comes for it to bear fruit, you will enjoy the harvest.

What you sow is what you will reap.

Keep sowing good seeds of Love, Happiness, Joy, Strength, Courage, Faith, Hope, and more into peoples’ life. On ‘the’ good day, it will blossom and you will harvest in bounty.

Doing and being good may cost you everything but it won’t cost you the future. That’s the truth you strongly need to hold on. The future is bright for you.

It will amaze you that your goodness will reach up to your generations unborn. David in the book of Psalms says that he has never seen the children of the righteous beg for bread.


Because their father was merciful and lends out what he has for others to benefit.

Beloved, your grand great children will prosper if you keep up what you are doing. You have to be intentionally driven to do good. Don’t just do good because you want to make heaven. Who does that?

Do good because you know how important it is to you and how important it is to the world.

Do you know that peoples’ destiny depends on your effort as a person?

Well, it does.

I will conclude by saying that you don’t need to be rich to reach out to people neither do you need to be a literate to reach out to the illiterate. One of the things you need is to have a determined and decided heart to do that.

The man who helps just one person at a time had helped one nation at the same time.

Keep it up, please. Don’t relent!

Remain Blessed!

You are free to share. Thanks.

Thanks to @AKASH2500 for making this photo available freely on @unsplash 🎁


Growing in an environment that has a negative inclination has a tendency to influence your life.

If you allow it!

This is evident in my life and in the life of those who you celebrate as a success. Some of us came up from a bad environment but because of our families love, care and apt discipline, our ability to learn everything was formally and informally at home, church and school.

Some weren’t opportune to have same up bringing and training, yet, they emerged out of what seem to be the worst and still become successfully successful.

Depends on what your definition of success is. Mine is progress in entirety. No matter how slow, progress is success.


If you haven’t read my previous post where we established the fact that YOU ARE NOT A PRODUCT OF YOUR ENVIRONMENT. Do so.

Let’s Begin!


To whatever you willingly submit to, you will respect and cherish. If you are compelled to do so forcefully, you will eventually rebel someday. When you willingly submit to be educated by your environmental factors such as societal values and norms in every matters concerning you, then you will grow in such direction. Submission is one key note you shouldn’t joke with. It has the capability of taking you far of not.

Who are you submitting to?


Association is seen as the major reason behind the development of every human being. This is evident in the story of the eagle who lived with fowls and wondering what those creatures like it are doing up there. You know the end.

The Bible admonishes that Bad company corrupts good manners and vice versa. This is very possible if you decide to stay in that toxic association.

Who are you associating with?


The Book that gives insight and deep revelations of wisdom admonishes that we should guard our heart for out of it comes the issues of Life. That a man becomes unclean as a result of what comes out of him.

But, how is that possible you may ask.

Well, the answer is clear. What you see and what you listen to.

How come you suddenly want to be great and valuable? That’s because you’ve seen great heights and listened to great men speak. How come you want to become an influential personality? Think about it!

What are you looking at, what & who are you listening to and what are you thinking about?


When the purpose of an invention is not championed, the intention is abused. This is evident in how we make use of people to get what we want. Which is bad. You don’t use people, you collaborate and associate with people to get what will change your world.

You have a purpose. You came for a reason. The reason is seen in full evidence of what you engage on that gives you joy, that drives you, that plays an evident role in your satisfaction which in turn gives your generation a leverage, a shoulder, to stand on.

What is your Purpose?


Personal development is cruised on this ship. You are never what you disbelief or don’t believe in. You believe in whom you submit to. You believe in whom you associate with. You believe what you see, listen and would think. You become purposeful when you believe in something.

Belief system helps pattern your life. Your lifestyle and everything that has to do with your act of living is patterned to your belief system. Guard it!

What is your belief system all about?


The act and skill of focusing is a school on it’s own. It demands consistency, perseverance, honesty and carefulness. It’s a responsibility that you can’t escape if you are keen on achieving great heights.

Your inability to focus on what you desire and need will not favour you. Imagine playing a game of dart without focusing on the red target or shooting an arrow without focusing on the red target. Your answer is as good as mine.

How effective is your act and skill of Focusing?

Make out time to invest in your self. Strive to develop yourself. God’s Grace is sufficient!

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You are NOT a product of your environment!

Hey there, before you start reading, place your hand on your chest and say this: I am not a product of my environment! (X3).

Let’s continue.

While growing up, I had friends who are seemingly notorious at that stage of life. They were, then, fearlessly unstoppable; goes anywhere, tries anything. They were on top of their world then, though, they still are but in a brand new way.

We all grew up in a system where there is every form of societal breakdown and every form of temptation to join the gang.

It wasn’t an easy one to think straight without going through one of the ‘headlined’ thoughts that are rampants; from smoking, ganging, hanging out and the least you can think of.

Thanks to our parents who fought tirelessly in the place of prayer and in the place of discipline. It really pruned us to being a better version of ourselves. This made us the sought after specie of human beings then.

Our dress sense and comportment did inspired a lot of kids then. To think of you are always looked upon each time you move across the street is something then.

Life happened. We all went separate ways. We began to live our lives the way it suits us and to the best of how we understood it. To the best of how we were taught.

Some continued in that pattern of life which their surrounding explained to them as the real deal to living a life while some, as a result of exposure, allowed their minds to be transformed to the a context of living a positive life.

Why am I telling you this?

The main reason why I am telling you this is one thing. Just one thing!

You are not a product of your environment!

Say this to your self on and on.

If you can make a record of it and keep listening to it for a day or two, you will see the magic.

Decide not to be limited by what is going on in your environment. Make that decision now! To break loose and soar with wisdom.

The growth of a seed is seemingly affected by the environment but it will never change to another seedling because of how bad it is. Rather, it fights its way to sun light and blossom to become what it is really made of.

Don’t give in to the excuse of being shaped by your environment. Yes, there is every tendency that you will eventually tip off but there is every sure way to shoot out of that area and blossom to the direction of the light.

Yes, the light!

The word of God is a Lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.

Take the life of JESUS, our saviour as a case study. He came from Nazareth, the worst of all worst then. Even, one of JESUS’ disciples argued if anything ‘Good’ can come out of Nazereth.

Don’t believe the lies flying around that you are a product of your environment. No doubt, you may be influenced by what’s going on there but you will not be changed except you submit.

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