“It is hard! It is hard!”

When will you get tired of saying such to yourself?

“I can’t do it! I can’t do it!”

When will you get tired of saying that to yourself?

Don’t let your gift and talent waste over mediocrity.

Don’t let your doubt get into the way of what you could become if you try.

Start, believing that the little step you make, will accumulate to big wins that would give you breakthrough.



At some point in my life I had experienced unbelief and it feels like I don’t know what to do or what I am doing. I was like: what is there to believe anymore; is this not the reason. I mean, what is really really there to believe when something doesn’t work as I expected and all that.

This happened but at that same point, through what I have learnt about little things and believing, I took record of what had gone right from my little belief and that gave me a strength to come up.

This might be you.

At some point in life believing in something is hard but it is at that point that our Faith and ability to believe can soar to the greatest of heights.

It is okay to feel like this might not work but it is more wonderful to feel that it might work. You need to also see the possibility of things working out and that’s when you would get the little strength you need to overcome your unbelief.

Are you facing a season of doubt?

Try believing just a little. You can do this by reminiscing on the previous victories that has kept you going. You would see the magic it would work in you.

Believe you can and you would believe you can!



If life had not been spiced up with some challenges it would not have been a productive stay here on earth.

Life has it’s fair share of challenges and it’s fair share of success; to which you are enjoying now, learn and be ready to accept what comes next.

Change is inevitable.

No matter how heavy these success and challenges are, if you don’t believe you would be through with it and get to another stage, you would be caught up unaware.

Don’t let that happen.

Be at attentive and keep your Faith alive, you would pull through.



Doubt is an enemy but you can use it to your advantage.

This is Good news!

This means you can doubt whatever you have been told to believe about yourself.

Doubting can also be seen as questioning the system you have been made to believe about yourself; that you can not, that you can never, that you will remain this way, that you will never succeed, that you can never become better without them.

You CAN doubt and question these sayings and become a better version of yourself.

Nobody should make you think bad about yourself when God wants you to become a better person in all you do.

God, when He was done with creating man, said it was GOOD. If He said it then, He says it now and everyday to you because He sent His Son, JESUS, to die for your sake. His Love is ever great upon you; He Loves YOU passionately! Never forget that!

Doubt your Doubt!

Doubt that lie that has become a truth over the years. Doubt it! Question it!

You will become better. It is a process. Trust it.



When things go south or north or in opposite of what you anticipated, do not feel bad. See it as a means that would provide a greater opportunity.

Do not be wearied.

Do not be worried.

And like St. Paul I say to you, Do not be worried but in prayer and thanksgiving make your request known to God.

Instead of worrying, think on the possibilities at hand.

You are better of the way you started.

You are wiser, stronger and bigger than any obstacle on any way.

Be strong, dear one.

Victory will soon be yours.




Start with what you have. Along the way, you will get the right resources you need to achieve your dream.

This is meant for someone. The person finding it hard to start with what he or she has because it is not enough.

What I want to tell you was how I ‘officially’ started making money at my teen years.

The first person that officially introduced me to the business world was my Sweet Mother. 

Staying with her opened my eye to a part of the world where accountability was very important.

In the location where the shop was is an opportunity to make money as a teenager which I grabbed immediately it came through.

I thought about what to sell and then an idea came through.


That was where the story began…

I had saved up some cash from the monetary tips I was gifted and having discussed the issue with my Mom, I started off with selling five litres.

You remember that adage that says ‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with a step…’

Though I was a bit shy when I started out but my Mom helped me in the broadcast to every customer that came by. That was how I started getting orders and sales. I Love you Mom!


The five litres of fuel increased to 10 litres, 20 litres, 30 litres, 40 litres,120 – 150 litres of fuel per week.

The need for Sealed Engine oils came in and gradually, I began to sell that too.

I made ‘Clean Cool Cash’ (CĀ³) money from that business I kicked off with just five litres of fuel.

Similarly, I started selling Airtime, Data, TV cable subscriptions and Electricity Bill payments in school. Now, I am a Network Marketer in the Telecommunications Industry and more to come by God’s Grace. All Glory to God!


Dear Friend,

Start with what you have. Along the way, you will get the right resources you need to achieve your dream.

The universe is waiting for you to start before it will relate with you.

I started out with what I have and the resources came through. My Family was the first that saw me thrive and they pushed me with full force; Emotionally, Physically and Spiritually!

Learn from my experience. The future awaits your greatness.



Did you know that you can achieve that set goal for this year?

Did you know that you can surmount those challenges this year?

Did you know that you can achieve that financial success, academic success, political success, emotional success, physical and spiritual success?

Did you know that all these and many more of your desires could be possible this year?

Yes, you can!

The book of Philippians 4:13 says that “YOU & I can do ALL things through JESUS CHRIST who strengthens and encourages us.” (Emphasis mine)

This is a proof that you are going to realise whatever you put your mind to do. This includes your Goals for the year, and Visions.

It says ALL!

Are you failing? That’s okay. Go a little extra in doing right this time.

Are you backsliding? That’s okay. Go a little extra in trying to overcome.

Are you going through some challenges? That’s okay. Go a little extra in trying to resolve the issue. Also remember to pray it out.

Don’t conclude that because you are going through such that you are bound to be so for life. No! You can still come back strong. You can still come back wise. You can still come back better. You can still stand up alright.

Don’t settle for what you think is norm. Being a failure is not a norm. Facing challenges is not a norm. Backsliding is not a norm. It might be a norm to others but not to you.

You are a chosen race, of a royal priesthood and a blessed nation. You win all the time: Even when everything is going bizarre you still win. Even when the storm is so hard, you still WIN. You are a WINNER!


I just want to give you hope because in doing so, we will all rise. I find strength in encouraging you and if you get encouraged and motivated at the end of the day, do so in passing the blessing to others. Together we can come out stronger.

Your Dreams? So valid!

Your Goals? So achievable!

Your Vision? It has been authorised!

Believe in God and Believe in yourself! This Joyful year has something for everyone. Including you!

“Start with what you have. Along the way you will get the rich resources you need to achieve your dreams”.



Happy June: The best is yet to come!

This is a new month and this is what I have for you!

Though five months may be gone and you haven’t seen a sign.

Though the counts and sleepless night may not have paid off yet.

A lot has happened and it seems that your own result won’t come forth.

Hang on, keep trusting; applying the right principle. Be consistent and your efforts will be crowned with success.

You will soon get there! I believe in you!

Happy New Month!

Five opportunities that the Lockdown brought right to your door step

Life is not all about opportunities, it is an opportunity in it self. A privilege.

This Lockdown has given us a lot of opportunities to get things right. To step back, examine and strike forward; targeted and precise.

You can check out What you must do to enjoy the lockdown.

Here is what lockdown has given us.

Opportunity to Rekindle

A flame dying off is calling darkness to come along with its veil. But here we are with an opportunity to rekindle our passion for the things we had engaged ourselves in. To rekindle our love for what you are doing. To rekindle our flair for what we are keen to know or do. To rekindle our Love and passion for God.

Opportunity to Relaunch

A lot of times we’ve had ideas worth innovating. We’ve had goals worth achieving and plans worth working upon. But due to some reasons of our schedules, we haven’t been meeting up. Most especially the employees. But here is a chance to relaunch that idea and see how it goes. Just a little touch can settle the scores on your favour.

Opportunity to Reengage your formula

We all have formula to which we operate our board. I have mine; which am currently working on. Nobody’s formula is similar to anyone. Just the way you have individual differences that how your formula is. This is a time to reengage your formula. Your formula is a system of calculated approach towards achieving success in your endeavor.

Opportunity to stabilize

Stability is one of the aspects of our lives that helps us bring forth results. When you are stable, you understand how things are done much better. An unstable mind will always make a mistake. Imagine an unstable hand trying to pass a thread through the eye of a needle. How awful? Well, that’s what instability does to you. This is the time to stabilize your self.

One thing that affects a man’s stability is knowledge. Imagine going to an exam hall without the knowledge of what you are about facing.

Knowledge is power but the application of it is wisdom; that’s where the power is seen.

An opportunity to Love

A Love well expressed is found in giving and sharing what we have with those close and far away from us. Let’s make use of this opportunity to bring back that affectionate feeling that hate or job might have taken away from us. This is the time.

Thanks to @mlightbody for making this photo available freely on @unsplash šŸŽ

What you must do to enjoy the Lockdown

Just in case you might be taken away by the boredom – ness of Lockdown, here is what you must do during this time.

I bet you will never find this anywhere.


Let the first things come first and let the last be the last. Organise your self and it will be much easier for you.

Reading & Studying

Readers are leaders. This is a time for you to get the knowledge of what you intend getting through books, articles, journals and so on.

Acquisition of skill

What do you want to learn? Now is the time to do so. YouTube can help you with bunch of videos. Google can help you with different searches related to the skill you want to acquire.

Discovery and Refining of your Talent

If you don’t get this part, you’ve missed them all. Talent is you; what you are made of. Talent is what you are capable of doing without having to get all the scripts. You just do it effortlessly. Discover it and refine it.

The gift of a man makes a way for him. What do you have in your hands?

Thanks to Austin Schmid for making this photo available freely on @unsplash šŸŽ