I am a Writer who loves Storytelling and research. A Graphic and Website Designer and an Entrepreneur.

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One step at a time.

Reminiscing of what the Lord has done. Marvelous. Stupendous. Scintillating. and of Course, Precious. Have you thought of doing things you never imagined. Have you thought of going places you never imagined. Have you thought of taking up things you never imagined. Yes? Well, that’s because someone somewhere is looking out for you. He’s always […]

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Life is short

Life is short,say a little lie,do a little bad,commit a little wrong,eventually, you might make hell. Who cares?None.Actually, no one doeshow will they?when you cared less about your style,should they be blamed?maybe,what about your will? blame it for not being disciplined. Life is short?fake it. why not?you can bake it, you will have a cake, […]

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To The Strongest Sister; Purity

To The Strongest Sister You give me Hope,You inspire me, each time I see you, even in your pain, I’m motivated to keep pushing. In your pain, your beauty never faded. your heart never wearied. you kept on. you live on. your faith gets stronger by the day. your hope is something else. crazy if […]

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A message to the Downhearted

Someone, Somewhere, Needs This! Your Choice gives you a Leap! Years ago, I was this moody ugly boy. Those close to me can attest to that fact. Always serious. Bony face. and Hardly smile. To talk is an issue. Each time I look myself in the camera, I kind of despised the person I see. […]

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