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Happy June: The best is yet to come!

This is a new month and this is what I have for you! … Though five months may be gone and you haven’t seen a sign. Though the counts and sleepless night may not have paid off yet. A lot has happened and it seems that your own result won’t come forth. Hang on, keep […]

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Paid my dues!

We’ve been through hell.Literary, through the devil’s court.I saw him, dining with his chiefs.I saw them playing orchestras.I saw them dancing. we saw them singing. But, what do I care. I move swiftly through his courts.No shiver. Not a single quake. we did not quiver. Because, I know, that He that dwells in the secret […]

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Why is Perspective important?

I have always wondered and probably imagined if only, not withstanding facts underlying, we could see through others eyes. It would be a wonderful pleasure to see what others are seeing. Why I love the word perspective, is because it matters a lot and it varies on conception. It settles all issues and disputes. Perspective […]

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A message to the parents – Episode two

Nothing gives me joy like seeing a family that stays together. Especially when the parents are having a good time with their children. Chai. That alone is wonderful. Very wonderful. Just yesterday a friend uploaded a video of him having a good time with his boys. I was so happy. About a month ago too, […]

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